Elite Dangerous: Beyond season

Elite Dangerous: Beyond is the third season of expansions planned for Elite Dangerous through the year of 2018. As it is a continuation of Elite Dangerous: Horizons, all Beyond updates will be provided free of charge to Horizons owners and release simultaneously across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.[1]

The Development Plans has an overview of major updates and expansions.

Upcoming expansionsEdit

The main focus of this season is core gameplay, existing features, quality of life and other improvements.[2]

Chapter OneEdit

The Chapter One update will introduce a host of additions and improvements to Elite Dangerous. The open beta will be available to all PC Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons players on January 25, 2018.[3]


  • New Ship: Chieftain. Elite Dangerous: Horizons Commanders will be able to take to the stars in the new Alliance Chieftain, designed not only to dish out punishment, but to avoid it. Manufactured by Lakon Spaceways, the Chieftain is more maneuverable than ships of similar size and weight, and its combat profile means it can more than hold its own in a fight.
  • Wing Missions and Mission improvements. Chapter 1 of Beyond will give you the chance to take on wing missions with your fellow Commanders, sharing both the efforts and rewards.
    • A CMDR can select a Wing Mission on the Mission Board, then share it with Wingmates to invite them participate. Wingmates will see the invite on their Transaction panel, and can accept or reject it. CMDRs that are not in a Wing can still select and complete Wing Missions on their own.
    • There is no limit to how many Wing Missions can be accepted by a CMDR at the same time, but a CMDR can only share 1 Wing Mission with their Wingmates at once. In a full Wing of 4 CMDRs, this means each CMDR can share 1 Wing Mission and accept 3 invites to their Wingmates' shared missions, for a total of 4 active shared missions across the group.[6]
    • Wings Missions can be turned in for a partial completion at a certain threshold by the CMDR who originally selected them. The mission will be considered a success, but CMDRs will receive reduced rewards. In trading missions, CMDRs holding any undelivered mission-only items will be fined.
    • Missions will now offer three different reward packages upon completion: Credits (larger amount of Credits plus Reputation and Influence), Reputation (larger amount of Reputation plus small Credit amount and Influence), or Materials/Commodities (Materials/Commodities plus moderate amount of Credits and Influence). In Wing Missions, each Wing member can select a different reward.
    • New Mission Depot menu at the Mission Board. CMDRs can view individual mission progress, and in the case of trading missions, they can buy the necessary Commodities directly through the Mission Depot if they are available and make multiple delivery runs to fulfill the mission's requirements.
  • Revised Trade Data. Commanders will now be able to access trade data from systems they have previously visited, in order to make more informed decisions when shipping goods across the Milky Way.
  • Planetary Visual Improvements. Chapter 1 also includes the first of the planetary visual improvements coming as part of the Beyond series of updates (with more surface level improvements coming later in the year) bringing a new vibrancy to the Elite Dangerous galaxy.
  • GalNet Audio. With the introduction of GalNet Audio, you will be able to catch up on the latest news from across the galaxy without ever leaving the action.
  • Crime & Punishment changes
    • Crimes are now attached to ships rather than CMDRs. Landing at a station with a wanted ship in a system where that ship is wanted will restrict certain services because the ship is forced to use "Anonymous Access Protocol". Modules in a wanted ship are "hot" and cannot be installed in a clean ship, and clean modules become "hot" once installed in a wanted ship. Wanted ships also cannot be transferred into systems where they are wanted.
    • Bounties will always remain active and no longer become dormant. The "Dormant Bounty" function will be removed. Bounties can still be paid off using Interstellar Factors, but this will now cost more than the bounty itself.
    • Bounties and rebuy costs are recalculated in cases of murder. Murderers' bounties include both a fraction of the rebuy cost of their ship and the ship of their victim. Victims' rebuy costs are reduced by a fraction of the attacker's rebuy cost.
    • Notoriety statistic. Increases every time a ship is used for murder and amplifies its rebuy costs. As Notoriety increases, the rebuy costs of victims are further reduced, and an increasing fraction of the murderer's ship's rebuy cost is added to bounties gained. Notoriety is attached to CMDRs, not ships, and is only reduced when a CMDR is defeated by security forces and sent to a Detention Centre.
    • Advanced Tactical Responders (ATR). ATR ships are much more powerful than typical system security and will be deployed to eliminate highly Notorious ships. Each superpower uses its own ATR unit (Void Runners for the Federation, Blue Epaulets for the Empire), and independent systems hire a fourth ATR unit.
    • Detention Centres. When defeated by authorities, CMDRs with bounties will be forced to pay their rebuy costs, fines, and bounties in full; CMDRs with insufficient funds will go bankrupt and be forced to accept a loaned Sidewinder MkI. They will then respawn at a Detention Centre Megaship in a system near where they were defeated. Detention Centres lack Shipyard and Outfitting facilities, and will spawn CMDRs in Solo instances to protect them from spawn-camping until they jump to Supercruise or another system.
  • Material Trader
  • Tech Broker
  • Speculated:
    • New tech and weapons derived from the Guardians.
    • The narrative of the Guardians will continue. We'll be able to unlock a personal narrative as well. 

Chapter TwoEdit

Update 2 will be the first of two smaller updates released between the Q1 and Q4 expansions. It will feature new ships, new weapons, and other improvements such as new missions, scenarios & progressing the interactive narrative.[4]


Elite Dangerous: Beyond roadmap

Chapter ThreeEdit

Update 3 will be the second of two smaller updates released between the Q1 and Q4 expansions. It will feature new ships, new weapons, and other improvements.

Chapter FourEdit

The Q4 2018 update will be Elite Dangerous' largest content update yet.

  • Features:[4][7]
    • Squadrons - new in-game organizational structure for player groups. It adds tools to manage membership, hierarchy and the ability to purchase Fleet Carriers to serve as mobile bases.
    • Improved Lighting Model - will benefit planetary tech as well as space.
    • Planetary update - Improvements to the scatter rocks system, by adding a bigger variety of sizes and scales to them. Improved ambient effects for fog and vapour, planetary phenomena and volumetric effects.
    • Improved planetary environment - as per the concept art for ice planets.
  • Mining gameplay improvements. Improvements to the way we detect and extract resources. A miner's toolkit of modules and capabilities, more options, variety and choice when we're in deep space.
    • Crack open asteroids.
  • Exploration gameplay improvements.
    • New Codex to log personal discoveries and provide encyclopedia-style information about topics.
    • New phenomena and anomalies to discover in deep space.
    • More activities and tools focused on how we find stuff in the galaxy. This affects missions, commodities, other resources.

Premium Content Edit

Additional premium content will be revealed in the future. Lifetime expansion pass holders will get this for free. Frontier's Zac Antonaci said "In addition to all the content talked about at Frontier Expo, we also have some pretty cool things in the works which will be available to purchase. We're not ready to talk about them just yet so we can't give you any details but rest assured that the lifetime expansion pass owners will be looked after and will be getting their hands on premium content as part of their lifetime expansion pass before the end of 2018 and the Beyond series of updates."[8]






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