Elite Dangerous: Premonition cover

Elite Dangerous: Premonition is an Elite Dangerous novel written by Drew Wagar. It was published by Frontier Developments on June 27, 2017. Drew wrote one of the original official novels, Elite: Reclamation. The eBook is available on the Frontier Store.

Unlike previous licensed official fiction, Frontier Developments have taken the decision to promote and publish this novel directly. They have been working in close collaboration with Drew and have "given Drew a ‘behind the scenes’ look at what’s really going on in the galaxy, its background and what’s coming."

As such it will feature the current core story of the game and be, in part, shaped by player actions as they respond to events in the Elite Dangerous universe.

Drew has indicated that the novel "will be an expansive space operatic adventure with a mix of space battles, conflict, drama, tension and political shenanigans.”

Frontier Developments go on to describe it as "an exciting undertaking, which adds a complementary new dimension to our storytelling. We couldn’t do it without Drew and his relationship with Frontier, the technology behind the Elite Dangerous galaxy and most of all you - this incredible community of Commanders."

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