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Elite Dangerous OST Cover

Elite Dangerous OST, released on April 1, 2015

The music of Elite: Dangerous was made by composer Erasmus Talbot and Frontier Head of Audio, Jim Croft.

Erasmus Talbot and Jim Croft developed the dynamic music system that allows the score to ‘breathe’ and reflect gameplay. Croft managed a team of talented individuals who also worked on audio such as ship engine sound and the ship's voice. Croft said it's been an absolute honor and privilege to be involved with Elite Dangerous.[1]

Jim Croft Head of Audio

Jim Croft, Head of Audio at Frontier

Erasmus Talbot composer

Erasmus Talbot, composer

The Elite Dangerous Original Soundtrack has over 2 hours of music content to immerse yourself in the Elite Dangerous universe. It includes an eight-page full colour PDF booklet containing sleeve notes by composer Erasmus Talbot and Executive Music Producer and Frontier Head of Audio, Jim Croft. The initial release date was April 1, 2015 and it's available at the Frontier store.[2]

References Edit

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