Emperor's Grace
AllegianceEmpire vector Empire
PowerDenton Patreus vector Denton Patreus
Home systemRishair

Emperor's Grace is an in-game faction headquartered in the Rishair system. The leader is Admiral Varrwen Mako Brennus.

It was also an alliance of player groups focused on supporting the NPC faction by the same name. They were formed to prepare for the inevitable war between the Empire and the Federation and coordinate war effort. While claiming to have over 100 members, there are only four or five active commanders. The coup de grace for Emperor's Grace came in mid February 3302 when they lost their only player controlled system, Novas. This effectively left them homeless, although they continue to claim ownership of any NPC Emperor's Grace owned systems.

Timeline Edit

14 AUG 3301

  • Emperor`s Grace and Imperial Inquisition to Hold Meeting. Leaders will meet in Rishair and discuss Imperial affairs. Both groups share the same values and will cooperate to support the Imperial way of life.[1]

24 JUL 3301

  • Emperor`s Grace and Cosmic State Commence Weapons Munufacture. Emperors Grace expands to industrial system of Arugua, its a suitable location to produce high tech weapons. Grimnir Allvadderung, CEO of Cosmic State's Hammer Arms visits Varrwen Mako Brennus, Leader of Emperor's Grace in Rishair. Emperors Grace seeks agricultural system to start mead production.[2][3]

08 JUL 3301

  • Cosmic State and Emperor`s Grace develop joint technology company. A formal announcement of two groups cooperation, Admiral Brennus visits Grimnir Allvadderung, CEO of Hammer Arms in Hel system.[4]

05 JUL 3301

  • Emperor`s Grace blocks Aisling power by outpreparing the Rishair system, which is the Emperor`s Grace headquarters. The system will belong to Patreus power.[5]

08 JUN 3301

  • Emperor`s Grace reaffirms loyalty to senator Denton Patreus. As Patreus was the only Senator and Power leader that defended the Emperor`s Grace good name during the "Emperor assassination attempt crisis", Varrwen Mako Brennus decided to support his Power.[6]

28 APR 3301

  • Arissa prepares to present evidence to the Imperial Senate about the Emperor's poisoning, thus clearing Emperor's Grace from the attack.[7]

27 APR 3301

  • Originally refused to pursue Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval's request of investigating an "unknown group" in HR 706 who poisoned Emperor Hengist Duval but was later forced to engage under orders issued by Senator Denton Patreus.[8]

26 MAR 3301

  • Emperor's Grace together with other groups engaged in guerilla tactics to keep the Federation's attention away from the work being carried out by the Crimson State Group strike force.[9]

16 JAN 3301

  • Pilots within Kappa Tucanae was turned away from the system from Emperor's Grace members. Those refusing to leave were promptly destroyed.[10] Emperor's Grace warned:

14 FEB 3302

  • Emperor's Grace lose control of their HQ system Novas to the independent group 'Traditional Novas Order, and take several weeks to restore order after illegal intervention and elections by rougue Imperial factions. [11]

A surge in Federal scum and Alliance cowards has become unbearable within our borders. It is your duty to protect all that our Emperor has fought so hard to provide us. Join now and show your love for our Emperor's Grace!

— Emperor's Grace

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