Engineer's weapon special effects are experimental effects that have a chance of being applied to a weapon as a result of applying weapon modifications.

Their effects act in addition to the modification, and remain the same at all grade levels.

They are usually limited to a specific weapon type.

Available Effects Edit

The following is a list of special effects available to each weapon type[1]:

Beam Laser Edit

Burst Laser Edit

Cannon Edit

Fragment Cannon Edit

Mine Launcher Edit

Missile Rack Edit

Multi-cannon Edit

Plasma Accelerator Edit

Pulse Laser Edit

Railgun Edit

Torpedo Pylon Edit

Special Effect Indicators Edit


Ship status indicators

When your ship, or the ship that you have currently targeted, takes certain types of damage (whether from a modified or standard weapon) the ship HUD will indicate this via the display of weapon effect icons shown below the relevant schematic for the affected ship.

A description of the damage icons and their meaning is shown in the table below:

Icon Description
Corrosion Corrosion
Engine-disruption Engine Disruption
Engine-reboot Engine Reboot
Fsd-reboot FSD Reboot
Hull-breach Hull Breach
Impulse-attack Impulse Attack
Increased-emissions Increased Emissions
Internal-damage Internal Damage
Malfunction Malfunction
Mass-locked Mass Locked
Regeneration Regeneration
Sensor-disruption Sensor Disruption
Shield-breach Shield Breach
Shield-cell-cascade Shield Cell Cascade
Shield-generator-attack Shield Generator Attack
Shield-reboot Shield Reboot
Target-interferance Target Interference
Targeting-overload Targeting Overload
Thermal-attack Thermal Attack

References Edit


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