Engineer's weapon special effects are experimental effects that have a chance of being applied to a weapon as a result of applying weapon modifications.

Their effects act in addition to the modification, and remain the same at all grade levels.

They are sometimes limited to a specific weapon type.

Available Effects Edit

The following special effects are available:

Special Effect Indicators Edit


Ship status indicators

When your ship, or the ship that you have currently targeted, takes certain types of damage (whether from a modified or standard weapon) the ship HUD will indicate this via the display of weapon effect icons shown below the relevant schematic for the affected ship.

A description of the damage icons and their meaning is shown in the table below:

Icon Description
Corrosion Corrosion
Engine-disruption Engine Disruption
Engine-reboot Engine Reboot
Fsd-reboot FSD Reboot
Hull-breach Hull Breach
Impulse-attack Impulse Attack
Increased-emissions Increased Emissions
Internal-damage Internal Damage
Malfunction Malfunction
Mass-locked Mass Locked
Regeneration Regeneration
Sensor-disruption Sensor Disruption
Shield-breach Shield Breach
Shield-cell-cascade Shield Cell Cascade
Shield-generator-attack Shield Generator Attack
Shield-reboot Shield Reboot
Target-interferance Target Interference
Targeting-overload Targeting Overload
Thermal-attack Thermal Attack

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