Eravate System
Controlling FactionAdle's Armada
AllegianceFederation vector Federation

A modest star system, yet one still capable of supporting a mixed agriculture and industrial economy. It's an unusual system formation as it lacks gas giants. The locals don't seem to mind though.

— In-Game Description

System Information Edit

The Eravate system used to be going through a state of civil war. The two largest factions, Independent Eravate Free and Eravate Network were both fighting for control over the system and created several large conflict zones. This caused a large influx of players to the system.

Eravate's allegiance is to the Federation, the government is corporatist with Adle's Armada as the controlling faction. System security is high. The economy is agricultural (none, industrial).[1]

Trivia Edit

"Local to LHS 3447, although it could be described as a modest star system, Eravate is still capable of supporting a mixed agriculture and industrial economy."[2]

System LayoutEdit

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