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Farragut Battle Cruiser and a Vulture

The Farragut Battle Cruiser is the mainstay capital ship of the Federation. Heavily armed with classified weaponry, the Farragut stretches over two kilometres long. The backbone of the Federal Navy, it also forms the central core of the Federation Intervention fleet.

The battle cruiser is capable of transporting and operating whole groups of Federal Corvettes, alongside housing multiple F63 Condor squadrons. It cannot be piloted by players.

Specifications Edit

Name: Farragut
Type: Battlecruiser
Faction: Federation
Manufacturer: Core Dynamics
Crew: 7,000
Cargo Capacity: none
Dimensions: Length: 2040m, Width: 806m, Height: 300m
Hyperspace Capability: Yes

Known shipsEdit

Name Last known location Notes
FNS Ajax Pleiades Sector RO-Q b5-0 As of Sept. 28, 3302
FNS Alacrity Pleiades Sector JC-U b3-2 As of Dec. 17, 3302
FNS Angelos Procyon As of Aug. 28, 3302
FNS Andromeda CC Eri As of Mar. 14, 3303
FNS Arethusa Caraswang As of Feb. 4, 3303
FNS Athenos
FNS Bellerophon Merope 5C As of Nov. 28, 3302
FNS Centaur Ribhniugo As of Feb. 25, 3303
FNS Curagous Col Sector YF-M C8-8 As of Feb. 3, 3303
FNS Damocles Mu Koji As of Sept. 11, 3302
FNS Dauntless CC Eri As of Mar. 14, 3303
FNS Europa Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16 As of Dec. 29, 3302
FNS Erebus Thunderbird
FNS Farragut Pleiades Sector IH-V C2-16 As of Sept. 22, 3302
FNS Gellan Mu Koji As of Sept. 9, 3302;
Named for Federal President Isaac Gellan
FNS Goliath 19 Phi-2 Ceti AB 2 As of Mar. 6, 3303
FNS Hawke Merope As of Jan. 6, 3303
FNS Inflexible Jardovici As of Oct. 28, 3302
FNS Invincible Jardovici As of Oct. 28, 3302
FNS Iris Merope As of Mar. 24, 3303
FNS Kracer Mu Koji As of Sept. 10, 3302
FNS Leander
FNS Leviathan Pleiades Sector IH-V C2-16 As of Feb. 12, 3303
FNS Liberator Merope As of Dec. 29, 3302
FNS Medusa ETA-1 Pictoris 6 As of Oct. 15, 3302
FNS Neptune
FNS Nevermore
FNS O'Brien
FNS Orion Blatrimpe
FNS Perseus Maia As of Mar. 11, 3303
FNS Resolution Pleiades Sector RO-Q b5-0 As of Dec. 29, 3302
FNS Royal Oak
FNS Spartan LP 790-29 As of Jan. 10, 3303
FNS Stalker Sol As of Dec. 7, 3302
FNS Starship One Sol As of Oct. 29, 3302;
The personal ship of the Federal President
FNS Striker Sol As of Oct. 29, 3302
FNS Surprise Col 285 Sector YF-M CB8-8 As of Feb. 3, 3303
FNS Thanatos Merope
FNS Trander Lugh Named for Federal President Loric Trander
FNS Formidible Threat 4 Distress Call


  • All Farragut Battle Cruisers appear to share the registration tag of FDN-RD5.
  • The Farragut Battle Cruiser cannot be destroyed by reducing its hull to 0%.[1]
  • After destroying all of the Faragut's Heat Relays the ship will escape from battle by activating its Frame Shift Drive.[2]
  • Routing the Farragut awards the player 150,000 CR.
  • Capital Ships have an exclusion zone. Flying too close to a Capital Ship is considered a threat and will make you a target, even if you are friendly. The Capital Ship will often inform you when you are getting close, telling you to back off.
  • A Farragut is stationed above Earth in the Sol system, perhaps as a permanent post. It does not maintain an exclusion zone for friendlies.



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