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Federal Assault Ship
Federal Assault sneak peek 01
Faction Specific
Rank RequiredChief Petty Officer
Default version
ManufacturerCore Dynamics
Dimensions73.8L - 49.5W - 22.8H
Cost19,814,210 CR
Insurance990,710 CR
Top Speed215 m/s
Boost Speed358 m/s
Shields133 MJ
Hull Mass480 t
Cargo Capacity32 t
Fuel Capacity16 t
Unladen Jump Range8.33 ly
Landing Pad SizeMedium
Hardpoints4x Utility Mounts
2x Medium Hardpoints
2x Large Hardpoints
Internals2x Size 2 Compartments
1x Size 3 Compartment
1x Size 4 Compartment
2x Size 5 Compartments
2x Size 4 Military Compartments
Maximum/Upgraded versions
Top Speed244 m/s
Top Boost406 m/s
Cargo Capacity96 t
Ship values
Mass lock factor14

Many of Core Dynamics customers desired more specific roles for their dropships and the Assault Ship is a response to some of those demands. The Assault Ship is designed for a more combat intensive role than the original ship. It has improved manoeuvrability and weapon carrying capacity and placement. These additions come at the expensive of smaller internals making it less versatile, but better in its specialised role.

— In-game description

The Federal Assault Ship, also referenced as Federal Dropship MkII and abbreviated as FAS, was introduced in the CQC update and is a more combat oriented craft compared to the Federal Dropship; it also sports better flight characteristics, thus it has better speed and manoeuverability than the Federal Dropship. It has fewer Internal Compartments than the Federal Dropship, which makes it more of a fighter than a multipurpose ship.[1][2] To purchase the Federal Assault Ship players must have earned the rank of Chief Petty Officer with the Federation's Navy.

The weapon hardpoints are located as follows: One top mounted large (Class 3 maximum) hardpoint located above and behind the cockpit, One bottom mounted large (Class 3 maximum) hardpoint located on the nose of the ship almost directly under the top mounted hardpoint, and one bottom mounted medium (Class 2 maximum) hardpoint located in front of the beginning of each lower wing but offset inwards from the side of the ship. (two medium mounts total). The bottom mounted hardpoints are in identical positions to those on both the Federal Dropship and the Federal Gunship.

Purchase Locations Edit

System Station Date Notes
LLYR Baraniecki Vision March 03, 2016
Kokojina Ali Ring Jan 2016
Seleru Bao Leinster Ring Dec 10, 2015 15% discount
(KAPPA) hum... Poisson Orbital Dec 13, 2015
Unegak Maku Porsche Dec 14, 2015
LHS 20 Ohm City May 12, 2016 15% discount
Momus Reach Tartarus Point Jul 10, 2016 15% discount
Maheou Ti Feynman Station Oct 7, 2015
Albast Kuipers Horizons Oct 11, 2015
Kochole Judson Terminal Oct 13, 2015
BD+49 1280 Higginbotham Dock Aug 27, 2016 15% discount
BD+19 2929 Wilcutt Enterprise Oct 15, 2015
44 B Ophiuchi Feustel Gateway 10 Oct, 2015
Wolf 906 Herbert Dock 7 Jan, 2016
Ross 720 Raleigh Orbital 21 May, 2016
V749 Herculis Pauling Gateway November 8, 2016
Ninsun Ramanujan Dock November 8, 2016


Main article: Outfitting

All ships are highly customisable through the Outfitting menu of Station Services. Listed below is the default load-out for the Federal Assault Ship.

Category Default System Default Rating Default Class Max Class
Medium Hardpoint Pulse Laser (L) F 1 2
Pulse Laser (L) F 1 2
Large Hardpoint Empty -- -- 3
Empty -- -- 3
Utility Mount Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Bulkheads Lightweight Alloys I 1 8
Reactor Bay Power Plant E 6 6
Thrusters Mounting Thrusters E 6 6
Frame Shift Drive Housing Frame Shift Drive E 5 5
Environment Control Life Support E 5 5
Power Coupling Power Distributor E 6 6
Sensor Suite Sensors E 4 4
Fuel Store Fuel Tank [x16] C 4 4
Internal Compartments Shield Generator E 5 5
Cargo Rack [x16] E 4 5
Cargo Rack [x8] E 3 4
Empty [m] -- -- 4
Empty [m] -- -- 4
Cargo Rack [x8] E 3 3
Empty E - 2
Empty E - 2
Main article: Outfitting

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. Lave Radio Episode 72
  2. Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #85

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