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Federal Corvette
Fed corvette
Faction Specific
Rank RequiredRear Admiral[1]
Default version
ManufacturerCore Dynamics
Dimensions167.8L - 87.2W - 28.3H
Cost187,969,450 CR
Insurance9,398,472 CR
Top Speed198 m/s
Boost Speed257 m/s
Shields519 MJ
Hull Mass900 t
Cargo Capacity76 t
Fuel Capacity32 t
Unladen Jump Range6.31 ly
Landing Pad SizeLarge
Hardpoints8x Utility Mounts
2x Small Hardpoints
2x Medium Hardpoints
1x Large Hardpoint
2x Huge Hardpoints
Internals1x Size 3 Compartment
2x Size 4 Compartments
2x Size 5 Compartments
2x Size 6 Compartments
3x Size 7 Compartments
2x Size 5 Military Compartments
Maximum/Upgraded versions
Jump Range21.15 ly
Top Speed232 m/s
Top Boost302 m/s
Cargo Capacity616 t
Ship values
Mass lock factor24

The Federal Corvette is the smallest warship deployed by the Federation Navy. It is a quick, hard hitting vessel also capable of transporting cargo and personnel. Its versatility makes it the most common vessel of the Federation Navy that most people will encounter. It can be found everywhere, on long range patrol, peace keeping, pirate suppression, in fact anywhere the navy wishes to maintain a solid presence without deploying one of the Farragut class Battlecruisers. It is possible, but extremely rare for a private citizen to own one of these vessels. The ship can carry and deploy two small fighter class ships.

— In-game description

Built by Core Dynamics, the Federal Corvette, as the name implies, is a heavy ship intended for combat purposes. It requires the Federation rank of Rear Admiral in order to purchase. It is the third largest player-piloted ship, only being surpassed in size by the Beluga Liner and the Imperial Cutter. [2]

The Corvette features two huge hardpoints, the first ship capable of mounting multiple class 4 weapons at the same time.[3] The Huge hard points are located behind the cockpit, the 2 medium hardpoints are on each side of the ship, the large hardpoint on the belly, and two small hardpoints on the nose of the ship. It has 8 utility mounts and as of the release of Horizons: Guardians is one of the 7 ships that can accommodate a fighter hangar for ship-launched fighters.

The Corvette can carry up to 616T of cargo, making it a good freighter. However due to its high rank requirement with the Federation (as well as the fact that the Imperial Cutter is equally difficult to acquire but can carry up to 176T more cargo than the Corvette) and its poor jump range, it is rarely used by traders.

Compared to other ships of its class, namely the Anaconda and the Imperial Cutter, the Corvette has roughly the same firepower, better handling and a much smaller jump range (due to it being more than twice as heavy as the Anaconda and having a smaller FSD compared to the Cutter).

Purchase LocationsEdit

System Station Date Seen Notes
LHS 3505 Olivias City Jan 8, 2016
Diaguandri Ray Gateway Mar 1, 2017 15% discount
GD 219 McKee Ring Dec 17, 2016
Yimakuapa Frobisher Terminal May 20, 2016 15% discount
Wong Guin Heiles Terminal May 20, 2016
31 Aquilae Russo Dock May 12, 2016
Shenich Wafer Terminal July 22, 2016 15% discount
LHS 20 Ohm City Dec 1, 2016 15% discount
39 Tauri Porta Dec 24, 2016 15% discount
LHS 2088 Tanaka Terminal June 19, 2016
Bhritzameno Feinman Terminal July 24, 2016
Neche Descartes Station July 28, 2016
LTT 7548 Boltzmann Gateway August 9, 2016
Wolf 906 Herbert Dock August 31, 2016
Wolf 406 Hamilton Gateway January 14, 2017
Seleru Bao Leinster Ring October 11, 2016 15% discount
LP 715-52 Melnick Ring February 16, 2016
V538 Aurigae Wells Ring February 26, 2017 15% discount
Sanos Allen Ring February 27, 2017

Outfitting Edit

All ships are highly customisable through the Outfitting menu of Station Services. Listed below is the default load-out for the Federal Corvette.

Category Default System Default Rating Default Class Max Class
Small Hardpoint Empty -- -- 1
Empty -- -- 1
Medium Hardpoint Pulse Laser (L) F 1 2
Pulse Laser (L) F 1 2
Large Hardpoint Empty -- -- 3
Huge Hardpoint Empty -- -- 4
Empty -- -- 4
Utility Mount Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Bulkheads Lightweight Alloys I 1 8
Reactor Bay Power Plant E 8 8
Thrusters Mounting Thrusters E 7 7
Frame Shift Drive Housing Frame Shift Drive E 6 6
Environment Control Life Support E 5 5
Power Coupling Power Distributor E 8 8
Sensor Suite Sensors E 8 8
Fuel Store Fuel Tank [x32] C 5 5
Internal Compartments Shield Generator E 7 7
Cargo Rack [x8] E 6 7
Empty -- -- 7
Empty -- -- 6
Empty -- -- 6
Empty -- -- 5
Empty -- -- 5
Cargo Rack [x8] E 3 4
Cargo Rack [x4] E 2 4
BDS E 1 3
  • (L) = Loaned
  • [x#] = Capacity
  • BDS = Basic Discovery Scanner



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  3. Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #90

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