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The Federal Navy are the naval force of the Federation. They fight for the Federation in Conflict Zones. As evidenced in Federation vs Federation Minor Faction conflicts, each Federation minor faction has control of part of the Federal Navy.

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Federal Navy fleet

Individuals Edit

Ranks Edit

# Rank Ship System
0 None
1 Recruit
2 Cadet
3 Midshipman Federal Dropship
4 Petty Officer Sol
5 Chief Petty Officer Federal Assault Ship Vega, Beta Hydri
6 Warrant Officer PLX 695
7 Ensign Federal Gunship Ross 128
8 Lieutenant Exbeur
9 Lieutenant Commander
10 Post Commander Hors
11 Post Captain
12 Rear Admiral Federal Corvette


13 Vice Admiral
14 Admiral

There are 14 ranks in the Federal Navy Auxiliary. Highly ranked players are allowed access to special Federation missions and ships, and are granted permits to access restricted systems.

For players to be promoted through the Federation's ranks they must complete missions or other favourable activities with Federation minor factions (which will generally take a long time depending on the activity).

How much progress one has made toward a rank can be seen in the right HUD panel, in the Reputation section of the Status tab. The current rank is shown by name along with a percentage indicator to show the progress made towards the next rank.

Once the rank indicator reaches 100%, the player will be able to find special Federation Navy missions that will promote the user to the next rank.

While the percentage indicator will not indicate more than 100%, the player is able to complete non-navy missions beyond that level and then complete several Navy missions in a row.

The Navy missions show up randomly alongside normal missions in the mission board and often require a "friendly" standing with the issuing minor faction. The missions can be identified by the name; they usually include "Federal Navy...", eg. "Federal Navy Aquisition Contract".


  1. 1.5 Update

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