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The Federation, officially the Galactic Federation, is the oldest of the three major factions in the galaxy, the other two being the Empire and the Alliance. The planet Earth (Sol), birthplace of humankind, is the historic former capital of the Federation and regarded as the centre of human-inhabited space. The Federation loosely lies between the Alliance and the Empire on the galactic map. The Federation's current capital Olympus Village is on planet Mars.

The relationship between the Federation and the Alliance is one of tolerance. The relationship between the Federation and the Empire is one of deep hostility.

The Federation is highly dependent on technology and is economically and socially corporatist. In the period of rebuilding after the end of World War 3 on Earth (circa 2044-2055 AD) the corporations became powerful and dominant. In modern times it is the corporations who are the life-blood and backbone of the Federation. It is rumoured that these corporations have such influence and power that they can even direct the Federal government, perhaps even to the point of choosing the President. The current Federal president is Zachary Hudson.

Corruption and bribery are not unusual in the Federation and law enforcement has been known to turn a blind eye if the price is right.

History Edit

Earth Tourist Spot 0165 beacon

Tourist Spot 0165 beacon near Earth.

The Tourist Spot 0165 beacon near Earth chronicles the ancient history of the Federation.[1]

Mankind's first ventures into space were tentative and gradual. The early part of the 21st century saw the first manned spaceflights beyond the moon, but it took major population and economic problems to stimulate enough commercial commitment to start settlements beyond Earth.

The Third World War saw this exploration expenditure dragged back again and it wasn't until the very end of the 21st century that colonies on Mars and the Moon became truly permanent and viable.

After the war, the dominant power was the United States of the Americas, and as the remaining other countries joined it over the next few decades, it was renamed the Federation of the United States and later "The Federation" as the implied reference to one of the pre-war powers was a block to the remaining countries joining it. It had a constitution and laws derived from the earlier powers, but much simplified.

The Founding of the Federation

In a series exclusive to GalNet, Famed historian Sima Kalhana visits the defining moments of human history since our first brave steps into space and to the star-spanning species we have since become. In this article, she talks about the founding of the Federation. With a history spanning millennia, it is the oldest of the major factions.[2]

In this modern age it’s hard for us to imagine that before the Federation, humanity existed on just a single world, bar a few small colonies on Mars and the Moon. Even stranger to our current experience was the fact that so many disparate tribal groupings, or ‘countries’ existed on one world.

The Federation arose from the ashes of the Third World War in the mid 21st century. The war caused tremendous devastation across the planet, decimating the population. 


Earth in the year 3302.

Many different factors changed humanity’s outlook after that. The rise of the corporations, the discovery of the first fossils on Mars, and the explosive exploration triggered by the invention of the hyperdrive by Li Qin Jao and others in the 22nd century, first by unmanned probes, then with manned craft, overtaking the generation ships sent in the previous decades. Despite the huge dangers involved, a massive land-grab followed, fuelled by the voracious corporations.

It wasn’t until some of the ecological excesses of these early colonists became apparent over a century later that Earth took its first steps, founding the Federation and becoming the colossal entity it is now, creating some order in what had become an unruly free-for-all.

In 2242 the Federation Accord was created outlining certain rights and responsibilities for members, uniting many of the new colonies, by force in some cases. After a short conflict the Taylor Colony in Tau Ceti became the first signatory outside the Sol system. The name of the Federation was also changed at this time to the ‘Federation of Star Systems’, but the name didn’t stick and quickly returned to just the Federation.

From that point the Federation provided a stable framework to facilitate the further expansion of humanity to ever more distant star systems but not all colonies wanted a part of this. A distant early colony, formed by a band of political idealists as far from Earth as they could manage, in the system of Achenar would eventually spark another defining moment for the Federation and indeed humanity as a whole.

Historical Events

Newsletter52 screenshot0

Federal Navy fleet

The Federation was formed circa 2240AD as a direct response to the colonists on Tau Ceti 3 ignoring Earth's demands to stop killing the native wildlife (to near extinction levels) over a period of approx. 20 years. The newly formed entity was then able to cast great influence throughout known space. The founding members of the Federation are: Earth (Sol), Tau CetiDelta PavonisAltair, and Beta Hydri. The Federation has always seen itself as the major power in the galaxy. From the very beginning, long before the Empire or Alliance existed, it took upon itself the task of policing the galaxy and being the peacekeepers. While sometimes not in the best interests of minor factions involved, the decisions made by the Federation are usually made for the benefit of its citizens.

Key Systems

  • Sol - origin system of humanity, including the species' original homeworld, Earth (Sol 3), and the Federation's current economic and political centre, Mars (Sol 4), with the capitol itself located in the metropolis of Olympus Village. Founding system.
  • Tau Ceti - Taylor Colony (Tau Ceti 2) was home to the first extraterrestrial biosphere encountered by humanity, and played a central role in the founding of the Federation. More recently, it was the birthplace and childhood home of Shadow President Felicia Winters. Founding system.
  • Delta Pavonis - Reagan's Legacy (Delta Pavonis 3) was home to the second extraterrestrial biosphere encountered by human explorers, which was at a much earlier stage of development relative to Tau Ceti's. Early human colonization led to its complete extinction, and it has since been terraformed into an arid Earth-like world. Founding system.
  • Altair - Biggs Colony (Altair 4) is a humid, mostly oceanic Earthlike world, renowned for a striking beautiful and famously dangerous biosphere. It is also the home of Altairian Skin, a beneficial microorganism used to decorate and clean the human body. Founding system.
  • Beta Hydri - Homeland (Beta Hyrdi 6) was an early human colony and today is one of the most densely-settled Earth-like worlds. Founding system.
  • Nanomam - key military production system and the personal headquarters of Federal President Zachary Hudson.
  • Rhea - home to a large agricultural industry based on its twin Earth-like worlds, and a popular tourist destination. Personal headquarters of Shadow President Felicia Winters.
  • Lembava - home to a number of high tech Federal corporations, and the personal headquarters of Sirius Corporation CEO Li Yong-Rui.


# Rank Ship System
0 None
1 Recruit
2 Cadet
3 Midshipman Federal Dropship
4 Petty Officer Sol
5 Chief Petty Officer Federal Assault Ship Vega, Beta Hydri
6 Warrant Officer PLX 695
7 Ensign Federal Gunship Ross 128
8 Lieutenant Exbeur
9 Lieutenant Commander
10 Post Commander Hors
11 Post Captain
12 Rear Admiral Federal Corvette


13 Vice Admiral
14 Admiral

There are 14 ranks in the Federal Navy Auxiliary. Highly ranked players are allowed access to special Federation missions and ships, and are granted permits to access restricted systems.

For players to be promoted through the Federation's ranks they must complete missions or other favourable activities with Federation minor factions (which will generally take a long time depending on the activity).

How much progress one has made toward a rank can be seen in the right HUD panel, in the Reputation section of the Status tab. The current rank is shown by name along with a percentage indicator to show the progress made towards the next rank.

Once the rank indicator reaches 100%, the player will be able to find special Federation Navy missions that will promote the user to the next rank.

While the percentage indicator will not indicate more than 100%, the player is able to complete non-navy missions beyond that level and then complete several Navy missions in a row.

The Navy missions show up randomly alongside normal missions in the mission board and often require a "friendly" standing with the issuing minor faction. The missions can be identified by the name; they usually include "Federal Navy...", eg. "Federal Navy Aquisition Contract".

Faction ShipsEdit


For a list of permits, see Permits/Federation.

Permits are required to access certain systems that are otherwise locked out by the computer of your Frame Shift Drive (FSD).

Such permits are rewarded by the the controlling faction for that locked system, when you become friendly with that faction, by accomplishing missions such as "Federal dispatch" and receiving ranks. You can often find that faction on a station outside the main system they control.

Once finished several dispatch quests, simply visit the Bulletin Board at any of the faction's stations to accept a job titled "Federal invitation". Accepting the job automatically adds the permit to your FSD computer.

Minor FactionsEdit

Faction System Station Current (YYYY MM DD)
61 Cygni Resistance 61 Cygni Broglie Terminal 3301 02 04
Barnard's Star Advanced Corp. Barnard's Star Boston Base 3301 02 04
Barnard's Star Advanced Corp. Barnard's Star Levi-Strauss Installation 3301 02 04
Barnard's Star Alliance Barnard's Star Miller Depot 3301 02 04
Beta Hydri Democrats Beta Hydri Edmondson High 3301 02 04
Beta Hydri Democrats Beta Hydri Stevenson Base 3301 02 04
Beta Hydri Partners Beta Hydri Matteucci Enterprise 3301 02 04
Blue Public Solutions Ross 104 Bunch City
Confederation of Larais Larais Burbank Orbital 3301 02 07
Crimson Comms Corporation Larais Volta Landing 3301 02 07
Federal Congress Sol Daedalus 3301 02 04
Federal Congress Sol Li Qing Jao 3301 02 04
Future of Altair Altair Solo Orbiter 3301 02 04
Gold Public Incorporated Turdetani Rushworth Port 3301 02 07
Green Party of Lutyen's Star Lutyen's Star Ashby City 3301 02 04
Green Party of Wise 1506+7027 Wise 1506+7027 Dobrovolskiy Enterprise 3301 02 04
Independents of Duamta Duamta Davis Terminal 3301 02 04
Independents of Duamta Duamta Polyakov Station 3301 02 04
Independents of Mildeptu Mildeptu Buchli City 3301 02 04
Independents of Mildeptu Mildeptu Singer Enterprise 3301 02 04
Independents of Mildeptu Mildeptu Wheelock Terminal 3301 02 04
Independents of Ross 154 Ross 154 Birkeland City 3301 02 04
Jet Power Commodities Duamta Wang City 3301 02 04
Kruger 60 Free Kruger 60 Kepler Gateway 3301 02 04
Liberals of Eta Cassiopeiae Eta Cassiopeiae Morgue's Mortuary 3301 02 04
Lutyen's Star Co Lutyen's Star McNair Gateway 3301 02 04
Mother Gaia Sol Abraham Lincoln 3301 02 04
Mother Gaia Sol Columbus 3301 02 04
Mother Gaia Sol Galileo 3301 02 04
Mother Gaia Sol M. Gorbachev 3301 02 04
Mother Gaia Sol Titan City 3301 02 04
Partnership of Alpha Centauri Alpha Centauri Hutton Orbital 3301 02 04
People's Procyon Values Party Procyon Cormack Hub 3301 02 04
People's Procyon Values Party Procyon Pontes Gateway 3301 02 04
Purple Travel Industries Eta Cassiopeiae Angus Manwaring 3301 02 04
Purple Travel Industries Eta Cassiopeiae J.F. Kennedy 3301 02 04
Ross 104 C Ross 104 Bunch City 2015 05 09
Social Abrocmii Future Abrocmii Rennie City 3301 02 04
Sol Workers' Party Sol Burnell Station 3301 02 04
Wise 1506+7027 Company Wise 1506+7027 Borman Port 3301 02 04
Wise 1506+7027 Company Wise 1506+7027 Parise Dock 3301 02 04
V2151 Cygni Independents Tun Tun's Wart 3302 01 02
People's Tun for Equality Tun Tun's Wart 3302 01 02
Independent Apala Independents Tun


Tun's Wart 3302 01 02
Tun Dynamic Corp. Tun Tun's Wart 3302 01 02
Tun Netcoms Services Tun Tun's Wart 3302 01 02
Gold Power Partners Apala Wilson City 3302 01 02
Bonitou Republic Party Bonitou Lyakhov City 3302 01 02
Bonitou Jet General Party Bonitou Lyakhov City 3302 01 02


Main article: Lore

To an outsider, the hierarchy of Federation society is based on democratic principles - people vote within their System/State to elect Congressmen, and a President with an 8-year term and a ‘vote of confidence’ after the first 4 years. However, corporate loyalty oils the machine, and Federation space is a battleground of commerce. Commercial organisations compete as aggressively as the law will allow for the time and attention of the Federal citizen, who goes through life bombarded by advertising. Corruption is not unusual – individuals defend it shamelessly when caught as ‘getting one over the system’. Social class is only determined between ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. There is a lot of poverty about, as well as conspicuous wealth. The huge gross domestic product (GDP) of the Federation economy funds a large, well-equipped Federal Navy which projects its values and influence. Culturally the Federation is tolerant of some things (like religions) but utterly intolerant of drug-taking, political activism, and certain cultures. A great many things are illegal, like slavery, cloning and certain narcotics. Federal law is based on an agreed Constitution. People have rights and freedoms, enshrined by this agreement. Local ‘State’ law prohibits other trafficking to a greater or lesser degree. Things like ship-based weapons, personal weapons, other milder drugs and alcohol are banned in some systems. The media drives a culture of celebrity. Top ranking politicians, social commentators, entertainers and super-rich all command a great deal of media attention. This provides a massive distraction for the populace, to the extent that foreign wars conducted by the Federation on their behalf get little media attention. This has gone on for many hundreds of years, and there is no sign of it changing.

— Newsletter #22[4]

The Federation Sourcebook Edit

The Federation Sourcebook has additional information about its inner-workings.

Life and struggle in the galaxy’s most ancient democracy[5]

Welcome to the Federation.  Please state your corporate allegiance before registering your vote.  The most massive of the interstellar powers creaks under the weight of its ancient bureaus.  The densely settled territory of the Federation grants it superb wealth but at the cost of political stability.  An under-supported working population is kept entranced by mass entertainment and commercialism even as their political rights slowly ebb away.  Can the Federation’s dream of interstellar democracy, one citizen, one vote, survive in the face of trillions of voters?

Federation CongressEdit

Zachary Hudson

President Zachary Hudson


Federal Congress is made up of 500 Congressmen (the term for both men and women). They sit in Congress, which is in Olympus Village on Mars – which replaced its location in Washington DC early in the previous millennium.


Mars Terraformed

Mars terraformed, 3300.

Olympus Village (a misnomer – it is now a sprawling metropolis) on Mars, and Congressmen are expected to attend in person to vote.

Congress members

Selection / Appointment

Anyone can stand for election. They do not need to be backed by a political party or minor faction, but it helps. There are three major parties, Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians. Corporations generally do push (and fund) their chosen candidates or parties (eg Hudson), as do other special interest groups

They are elected for an eight year term, along with a President, with a ‘vote of no confidence’ after four years. If the vote of no confidence succeeds then a full election takes place. A Congressman (or President) cannot serve multiple consecutive terms, though a Congressman can (and often does) become President immediately after a term as a Congressman.

System Representation

Every Federation system has representation at the Congress, but generally a Congressman represents multiple systems, except a few (like Sol) that have more than one Congressional representative, based loosely on historic population. Phenomenal growth in the outer systems has meant that they have little representation in Congress, and there is frequent discussion about creating many new Congressmen to address this balance, but the various power blocks realise it will change the balance of power away from the core systems, the very people who would have to vote it through – so many agree it is unlikely to happen in the near future.


Up to eight years. They can get voted out after four, as above.

Day to Day Responsibilities

Congress persons spend their days representing their constituency. They can also hold other office as part of government – for example chairing committees etc. They are not allowed to have corporate interests that might conflict with their political roles (though quite often some hide them via their friends, spouses etc, and not all get found out)

Do Congresspersons change when their system's controlling Minor Faction is flipped?

Not until their term is up, but their life could become difficult, so they might resign, triggering a local election.

- Governments and politics in Elite Dangerous [6]

See also Edit


  1. Tourist Spot 0165 beacon near Earth
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  6. Governments and politics in Elite Dangerous by Michael Brookes

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