ManufacturerZorgon Peterson
Years Produced3100-Present
Cost51,567,040 CR
Insurance2,578,352 CR
Default Specifications
Landing Pad SizeMedium
Dimensions73.6m x 51.6m x 15.4m
Pilot Seats2
Fighter HangarNo
Hull Mass250 t
Mass Lock Factor12
Armour Hardness70
Shields271 MJ
Top Speed265 m/s
Boost Speed357 m/s
Unladen Jump Range7.04 ly
Cargo Capacity24 t
Fuel Capacity8 t
Hardpoints6x Utility Mounts
4x Medium Hardpoints
1x Huge Hardpoint
Internals1x Size 1 Compartment
1x Size 2 Compartment
2x Size 4 Compartments
1x Size 5 Compartment
Maximum Non-Engineered Specs
Top Speed302 m/s
Boost Speed407 m/s
Unladen Jump Range20.94 ly
Cargo Capacity70 t

The Fer-de-Lance is another classic design that has now been in production for two centuries. The ship became famous for its popularity with top business executives and wealthy bounty hunters, being a fast, well armed vessel, with luxurious accommodation and high quality components fitted as standard. Early models were built by Zorgon Peterson, but more recently, limited numbers have been upgraded by Saud Kruger in a rare collaboration, resulting in even more lavish creations, without spoiling the original design and specification requirements.

— In-Game Description

The Fer-de-Lance, commonly abbreviated as FDL, is a ship manufactured by Zorgon Peterson. It is a heavy combat ship, featuring a hull that is more resistant to smaller weapons than other ships of its class.[1] It is one of two medium ships capable of mounting Class 4 weaponry, the other being the Mamba. Although fast, manoeuvrable, well armed, and well shielded, the Fer-de-Lance suffers from a few notable drawbacks: poor jump range, a small fuel tank, and a limited number of internal compartments for its size.


The pilot's seat of the Fer-de-Lance is to the right of the centre of the ship, having the co-pilot's to the left and slightly further back. The canopy glass offers a phenomenal field of view; having more than 90 degrees vertically, and more than 180 degrees horizontally.

The Fer-de-Lance is a Heavy Combat fighter. It is unbeaten in raw damage for a medium ship, but has high defence and mobility. Even the big three; Anaconda, Imperial Cutter and Federal Corvette should operate with caution against the Fer-de-Lance, as the Fer-De-Lance's agility and speed allow it to easily stay out of their firing arc. The mobility it possesses enables it to take out large ships by dodging their weapons whilst dishing out damage. The shields and armour on the ship are exceptionally good, although slightly lower than those found on the Python. The large Power Plant on the ship lets it have all hardpoints and Shield Generator powered without needing engineering. This lets you equip many high power modules, allowing it to easily power a Prismatic Shield as well as Shield boosters without many issues, letting it easily surpass other ships in shield power. Its sole downside in combat is its mass lock factor, sitting at only 12. Several medium ships as well as most large ships can easily flee from a Fer-de-Lance, making it worse at pirating than the Python; especially due to its tiny cargo bay. The Fer-de-Lance also functions brilliantly as an Anti-Thargoid ship, having huge damage output and it can easily deal with Scouts, and has no trouble equipping as much AX weaponry as possible. In the right hands, the Fer-de-Lance is one of the few ships capable of soloing a Thargoid Interceptor.

The ship suffers due to its specification as a fighter, and it is virtually unusable in any other role. The jump range falls just short of 21lys without engineering; the 4th worst in the game, making it one of the least useful exploration vessel. It can't effectively chase targets across the bubble or hunt down bounties, and will have serious trouble jumping away to the nearest Interstellar Factor to clear its own bounties. It has a cargo capacity of 70t max; extremely poor for its price and size, making pirating, trading and mining very unviable.

The Fer-de-Lance is essentially a bigger Vulture; unbeaten in combat potential for its size but is terrible in every other role. The ship therefore is perfect for Bounty Hunters and can rack up profits in Resource Sites extremely fast. It makes a very poor Pirate when compared to other similar ships however due to its terrible cargo space and low Mass Lock and the fact that the extreme firepower is often overkill in the role. For Thargoid fighting, it's a perfect ship, and can easily outperform the Alliance Chieftain and Type-10 in this role.

The weapon hardpoints are located as follows: two top mounted class 2 hardpoints on the nose, about a quarter of the way back from the tip, two side mounted class 2 hardpoints, at about the ship's midpoint, and a single bottom mounted class 4 hardpoint in the centre of the ship's frame. Four out of six utility mounts are located around the huge hardpoint on the bottom, with the other two being behind the cockpit, next to the fins on top of the vessel.

The Fer-De-Lance has a relatively low heat signature, and is well-suited for both shielded (using a shield cell does not result in a major overheating, and the strong base shielding can be improved further with shield boosters) and shieldless stealth builds (small heat output, durable hull and the ability to mount several heat sinks without sacrificing other utility modules allowing for prolonged silent running).

The Fer-De-Lance has different heat radiator animations for general heat dissipation and Frame Shift Drive charge up for hyperspace. While both feature the animation of the same yellow/orange lighted radiators, the Frame Shift Drive charging animation also features blue lighted radiators and two blue beams. The blue beams are projected from slightly behind the cockpit and are visible from the cockpit from the side windows on both sides.

The Fer-de-Lance has an available 16 piece cosmetic ship kit that can be purchased from the Frontier store, allowing you to "remodel your ship in your personal style". The ship kit is purely cosmetic and does not affect gameplay in any way.

Purchase LocationsEdit

System Station Date Seen Notes
Tsim Binba Kopal Orbital 22/6/2018
Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial Always available 10% discount, Founders Permit needed
Brestla i Sola Prospect Always available 20% surcharge
G 139-50 Filipchenko City 28/4/2018
109 Piscium Ising Dock 6/10/2017
20 Ophiuchi Chargaff Port 17/09/2017
44 B Ophiuchi Feustel Gateway 12/6/2015
78 Ursae Majoris Berners-Lee City 23/5/2015
Asgaa Wheeler Horizons 20/4/2015
Bunuras Noguchi Enterprise 12/12/2015
Cerno Kanwar Enterprise 18/12/2015
Disci Snodgrass Orbital 1/3/2015
Euboa Foreman Orbital 21/3/2015
Facece Simpson Depot 4/4/2015
Fedmich Roberts Port 27/1/2017
CD-36 1535 Aoki 12/3/2016
Gandui Regiomontanus ring 15/3/2015
HIP 18828 Ruppelt City 6/4/2015
HIP 96932 Bond Dock 12/8/2015
HIP 102895 Barmin Terminal 17/5/2015
HIP 107385 Winthrop Enterprise 22/5/2015
HR 943 Hildebrandt Terminal 30/5/2015
HR 1980 Low City 12/1/2016
Kamaki Shinjo Station 23/3/2015
Khampti Wafa Hub 30/3/2015
Khernidjal West Gateway 6/5/2015
Laifangyi Anning Enterprise 1/7/2015
Lakluit Garriott Hub 16/7/2015
Leesti George Lucas 27/7/2015
LHS 492 Lem Port 8/12/2016
Lo Pegasi Garcia Station 14/5/2015
LP 694-16 Chapman Terminal 1/1/2017
LP 926-40 Lee City 23/4/2015
LTT 15278 Zholobov Enterprise 27/4/2015
Tolians Kuo Dock 31/8/2016
Mundjiga Sagan Port 17/3/2015
Okinura Fisher Terminal 23/2/2016
Praecipua Denton Dock 28/3/2015
STKM 1-1118 Dupuy De Lome 26/12/2015
Tolians Kuo Dock 11/8/2015
Vesper-M4 Oluwafemi Depot 24/04/2017
Wailladyan Bass Port 16/6/2015
XI Ursae Majoris Durrance Dock 8/10/2017
Zavijah Wheelock Ring 17/3/2015
Mu-1 Cygnus Furrer Gateway 11/3/2017
Lampade Charlois Dock April 29, 2018
Hill Pa Hsi Curie Gateway May 5, 2018
Arjung Hiyya Orbital December 10, 2018 15% discount


Main article: Outfitting

All ships are highly customisable through the Outfitting menu of Station Services. Listed below is the default load-out for the Fer-de-Lance.

Category Default System Default Rating Default Class Max Class
Medium Hardpoint Pulse Laser F 1 2
Pulse Laser F 1 2
Empty -- -- 2
Empty -- -- 2
Huge Hardpoint Empty -- -- 4
Utility Mount Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Bulkheads Lightweight Alloys I 1 8
Reactor Bay Power Plant E 6 6
Thrusters Mounting Thrusters E 5 5
Frame Shift Drive Housing Frame Shift Drive E 4 4
Environmental Control Life Support E 4 4
Power Coupling Power Distributor E 6 6
Sensor Suite Sensors E 4 4
Fuel Store Fuel Tank [x8] C 3 3
Internal Compartments Cargo Rack [x16] E 4 5
Shield Generator E 4 4
Cargo Rack [x8] E 3 4
Empty -- -- 2
Empty -- -- 1
Planetary Approach Suite (H) I 1 1


  • In the original Elite it was faster than the Cobra (but not playable).
  • Added to game in version 1.2.
  • Some weapons on the huge hardpoint clip into the bottom of the hangar when viewed in Outfitting.
  • The radiators on the outside of the engine pods glow blue while FSD is charging.
  • Prior to 1.5/2.0 the ship utilized a class 5 powerplant, resulting in major power issues.

Trivia Edit

  • The Fer-de-Lance length (73.6 m) is similar to a Boeing 747-300 (70.66 m).[2]
  • Fer-de-Lance is French for "spearhead" (or more literally, "iron of the lance" or "tip of the spear") but also maintains the snake-themed naming common to Independent ships, as it can refer to various members of the Bothrops genus of snakes, also sometimes called lanceheads.

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