This page will contain links to resources useful to authors of Elite: Dangerous Fiction.

Frontier Forum LinksEdit

Elite: Dangerous Fan Creations sub forum

Writing Guides, Hints & TipsEdit

A Writers Guide by Drew Wagar
Frontier Forum thread started by the author of the Oolite Trilogy and the forthcoming Elite Dangerous novel, Elite: Reclamation.

Previous Elite Game ManualsEdit

Star Systems GazetteersEdit

The Commander's Guide to the Galaxy on Jade's FFE site.
Please be aware, whilst useful, there is substantial inaccurate fan fiction embedded in documents on this site.

Star System Facts on Elite Wiki.
Interesting info regarding star systems relevant to FE2 and FFE.


Selezen's Galactic Timeline
According to the author: frontier are going to use elements from it for the official E: D sequel to the Dark Wheel. See here. There's the author also says that the Frontier changed his mind.

Chronicles of the Milky Way on the Elite Wiki.

Both links are not accurate, because contain Oolite timelines elements.

"The resources there aren't official, the authors have been provided with the official background docs that they have to use to maintain the fiction of the game." (c) Michael

Who's Who?Edit

Who's Who in FFE on Jade's FFE site.

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