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For Ship-Launched Fighter types and their operation, see Ship-Launched Fighters.


In-game icon.

A module designed to house ship-launched vehicles.

— In-Game Description.

The Fighter Hangar is an internal module that can carry Ship-Launched Fighters and was introduced in the Elite Dangerous: Horizons v2.2 "The Guardians" update[1].

Currently the only ships that can equip a fighter hangar module are:

Outfitting Edit

Fighter Hangars are available in the Outfitting section of many stations. Only one Fighter Hangar module can be installed on a ship.

Each Fighter Hangar module has one or more fighter bays. Each bay can carry a different fighter design type and/or variant. The number of bays therefore determines how many different fighter types/variants can be carried by the ship.

Each bay also has a maximum fighter capacity. This determines how many fighters can be produced and destroyed before the bay needs to be restocked at a station.

Fighter Hangar modules do not include any fighters when first installed, they must be purchased separately. Purchasing a fighter type/variant configures that particular bay to produce that fighter type/variant. When fighters are destroyed and then restocked at a station, the bay is replenished with the same fighter type/variant. Outfitting can be used to convert a bay to a different fighter type/variant.

Usage Edit

Main article: Ship-Launched Fighters

The lower cockpit panel ("Role Panel") is used to launch fighters, to control whether the player or a NPC Pilot is controlling the fighter or ship, and to issues orders between the two. At the moment it is not possible to have multiple fighters deployed at the same time.

The Fighter Hangar module only needs power to launch the fighters and not to dock them. (So it's good to launch fighters before deploying hard points if you max out your power plant, but you may be unable to deploy any replacement fighters if any are destroyed.)

When a fighter is destroyed there is an 80-second delay before another can be launched from the same hangar bay. If the Fighter Hangar has more than 1 bay however, a replacement fighter can be launched from the other bay immediately.[2]

Specifications Edit

Class Rating Mass (T) Power Draw (MW) Hangar Bays Fighters per Bay Cost (CR)
5 D 20.00 0.25 1 6 575,660
6 D 40.00 0.35 2 8 1,869,350
7 D 60.00 0.35 2 15 2,369,330

Gallery Edit

References Edit


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