Fleet Carrier
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The Fleet Carrier is a very large, dockable vessel that Squadrons will be able to purchase and use as a mobile base of operations. Squadron members will be able to refuel, rearm, and respawn at their Squadron's Fleet Carrier.[1] Fleet Carriers were originally planned to be included in Chapter Four (3.3) of Elite Dangerous: Beyond alongside the Squadrons feature, but were delayed and will instead be implemented in a future update.[2]

It is unknown if Fleet Carriers will be an entirely new type of vessel, or a subtype of dockable Megaships, which have similar functions to Fleet Carriers but cannot be directly owned or commanded by players.

The official Elite Dangerous - Digital Art Book[3] has concept art of what appears to be a carrier ship. During Frontier Expo 2017 the art director said they didn't start designing the carriers yet, they just know what they will need to do.[4] So they could be quite different from Megaships.

On 31 August 2018, Zac Antonaci said "It's a little early at this time to say where fleet carriers will fit in terms of schedules. The team are very keen to bring them in which is why it was on the plan initially."[5]

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