FragmentCannon Ingame

Multi-shot projectile weapon...

— In-Game Description

The futuristic space equivalent of a shotgun. It can fire three shots quickly in a row, giving it a high DPS. Fragment cannons are capable of devastating close range targets, but quickly drop in effectiveness outside of point blank range. It is therefore recommended to use fragment cannons on a fast and maneuverable ship that can maintain CQC range.

Despite having very high armor penetration, the spread of the weapon makesit inconsistent. Outside of 200 meters, the weapon spread is so high that targeted module damage is negligible. However, point blank shots can usually yield 20-30% module damage per shot. 

In the 1.5 update to Elite Dangerous, the fragment cannon had its maximum ammunition count changed from 30 to 90, greatly improving its ammo economy. Coupled with the addition of synthesis in Horizons, the fragment cannon is now more sustainable and therefore viable in combat. 


Spent ammunition must be replenished once used. Any station equipped with a "Rearm" service will be able to replenish ammunition. Once docked at the station, ammunition can be purchased from the Munitions menu in the Starport Services. Ammunition costs 17 CR per unit. A full reload of all 93 rounds in the fragment cannon costs 1,581 CR.

The fragment cannon uses 'Large Calibre Munitions' for synthesis, requiring 4 nickel, 3 carbon and 2 sulfur to rearm half of the total ammunition carried by the fragment cannon.

Gallery Edit


Class Rating Mass
Integrity Power
Damage Armour
ROF DPS Thermal
Clip Size
1 E 2.00 A 0.450 Fixed Kinetic 2 A 5.5 /s 8 1 3 90 36,000
1 E 2.00 A 0.590 Gimbal Kinetic 2 A 5.8 /s 7 1 3 90 54,720
1 E 2.00 A 0.420 Turret Kinetic 1 A 4.0 /s 6 1 3 90 182,400
2 A 4.00 A 0.740 Fixed Kinetic 3 A 5.0 /s 9 1 3 90 291,840
2 D 4.00 A 1.030 Gimbal Kinetic 2 A 5.3


9 1 3 90 437,760
2 D 4.00 A 0.790 Turret Kinetic 2 A 3.7


1 3 90 1,459,200
3 C 8.00 A 1.020 Fixed Kinetic 3 A 4.5 /s 10 1 3 90 1,167,360
3 C 8.00 A 1.550 Gimbal Kinetic 3 A 4.8 /s 10 1 3 90 1,751,040
  • Damage, DPS, and Thermal Load are all based upon the in-game display which uses an "out of 10" scale thus the values for these sections should be assumed as approximations.

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This weapon can be modified by Engineers to enhance it's abilities.

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