Frame Shift Drive

Frame Shift Drive outfitting icon

Device that allows super cruise travel and hyperspace jumps between star systems.

— In-Game Description

The Frame Shift Drive (FSD) enables ships to travel at incredible speeds within star systems (via supercruise) as well as between star systems (via hyperspace).

Rather than accelerate a ship through space, the frame shift drive moves space around a ship to allow it to travel faster than light without using extreme amounts of energy or experiencing time distortion.

Frame shift drives use a modified Alcubierre Drive design to compress space in front of ships in supercruise.

Frame shift drives enable ships to enter hyperspace, a region with more dimensions than normal space, in which extremely fast travel is possible. Hyperspace jumps rely on quantum mechanics, as the destination of any given jump must be known before the jump is made, and the amount of energy needed to complete the jump is discrete.

While the maximum hyperspace jump range of a ship is limited relative to the Frame Shift Drive's Class, Grade and the total mass and available fuel of the ship, this range can temporarily be increased in one of two ways:

  • An FSD injection can be made using various materials to achieve a one-time boost of +25%, +50% or +100% depending on the grade. This can be performed using the Synthesis option in the ships Cargo tab.
  • Passing through the polar emission jets of White Dwarf and Neutron stars, while generating strain that slowly damages the drive, can supercharge an FSD. This provides a one time jump range boost of +50% for White Dwarfs and +300% for Neutron stars. While this can be a dangerous maneuver, due to loss of control in the emission jet and the possibility of ship destruction in the event of dropping out of supercruise too close to the star, it is possible for explorers to greatly reduce travel times to distant locations by following 'highways' of nearby Neutron stars.

Weapon hardpoints need to be retracted for the frame shift drive to activate. Scanners and Frame Shift Drive Interdictors, however, still function even during FSD use.

Upgrading the frame shift drive in a ship increases the hyperspace jump range of that ship, which is especially useful for traders, smugglers, and explorers early on in the game.


Class Rating Mass (T) Integrity Power
FSD Optimal
Mass (T)
Max Fuel
Per Jump (T)
Value (CR)
2 E 2.50 A 0.160 48.0 0.60 1,978
2 D 1.00 A 0.180 54.0 0.60 5,934
2 C 2.50 A 0.200 60.0 0.60 17,803
2 B 4.00 A 0.250 75.0 0.80 53,408
2 A 2.50 A 0.300 90.0 0.90 160,224
3 E 5.00 A 0.240 80.0 1.20 6,271
3 D 2.00 A 0.270 90.0 1.20 18,812
3 C 5.00 A 0.300 100.0 1.20 56,435
3 B 8.00 A 0.380 125.0 1.50 169,304
3 A 5.00 A 0.450 150.0 1.80 507,912
4 E 10.00 A 0.240 280.0 2.00 19,878
4 D 4.00 A 0.270 315.0 2.00 59,633
4 C 5.00 A 0.300 350.0 2.00 178,898
4 B 16.00 A 0.380 438.0 2.50 536,693
4 A 10.00 A 0.450 525.0 3.00 1,610,080
5 E 20.00 A 0.320 560.0 3.30 63,013
5 D 8.00 A 0.360 630.0 3.30 189,036
5 C 10.00 A 0.400 700.0 3.30 567,106
5 B 32.00 A 0.500 875.0 4.10 1,701,318
5 A 20.00 A 0.600 1,050.0 5.00 5,103,953
6 E 40.00 A 0.400 960.0 5.30 199,747
6 D 16.00 A 0.450 1,080.0 5.30 599,242
6 C 40.00 A 0.500 1,200.0 5.30 1,797,726
6 B 64.00 A 0.630 1,500.0 6.60 5,393,177
6 A 40.00 A 0.750 1,800.0 8.00 16,179,531
7 E 80.00 A 0.480 1,440.0 8.50 633,200
7 D 32.00 A 0.540 1,620.0 8.50 1,899,600
7 C 80.00 A 0.600 1,800.0 8.50 5,698,790
7 B 128.00 A 0.600 2,250.0 10.60 17,096,370
7 A 80.00 A 0.900 2,700.0 12.80 51,289,110

Purchase LocationsEdit

This is a very incomplete list. The best way to find where to buy FSD's is to filter your system economy to high tech and most places will have high level FSD's.

System Station Rating
LTT 18486 Boswell Platform A,B,C,D
Belu Covey Gateway A,B,C,D
Ch'i Lingo Linenger Port A,C,D,E
Eravate Cleve Hub A,C,D,E
Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial A,B,C,D,E
Ross 695 Bresnik Orbital A
LTT 7548 Boltzmann Gateway E,D,C,B,A
Hixkar Dobrovolski Gateway E,D,C,B
LHS 3447 Worlidge Terminal E,D,C,B,A
Momus Reach Tartarus Point E,D,C,B
Witchhaul Hornby Terminal D,C,B
Wolf 1301 Saunders's Dive E,D,C
Aulin Aulin Enterprise E,D,C,B
Turnon Hurston Hub D,C,B,A

System Station Rating
LTT 18486 Boswell Platform A,C,D,E
Belu Covey Gateway A,B,C,D,E
Ch'i Lingo Linenger Port A,B,C,D,E
Eravate Cleve Hub A,B,C,D,E
Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial A,B,C,D,E
Ross 33 Crown City F,E,D,C,B,A
LTT 7548 Boltzmann Gateway E,D,C,B,A
LHS 3447 Worlidge Terminal E,D,C,B,A
Witchhaul Hornby Terminal E,D,C,B,A
Dzacani Hanke-Woods E,D,C,B,A
Aulin Aulin Enterprise E,D,C,B,A
Wolf 1301 Saunders's Dive E,D,C,B
Hixkar Dobrovolski Gateway E,D,C,A
Ross 695 Bresnik Orbital A
Turnon Hurston Hub E,D,C,B

System Station Rating
Ch'i Lingo Linenger Port A,C
Eravate Cleve Hub B,C,D,E
Xihe Zhen Dock A
Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial A,B,C,D,E
Ross 695 Bresnik Orbital A
Hixkar Dobrovolski Gateway B,A
Ongkampan Fawcett Gateway E,D,C,B,A
LTT 7548 Boltzmann Gateway E,D,C,B,A
LHS 3447 Worlidge Terminal E,D,C
Kremainn Wohler Terminal C,B
Aulin Aulin Enterprise E,D,C,A
Thiin Brandenstein Enterprise C,B,A
Ngaledi Smith Enterprise B,A
Turnon Hurston Hub D,C,B,A

System Station Rating
Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial A,B,C,D,E
Ross 695 Bresnik Orbital A
BD+24 543 Proteus Orbital B,E
Hiranyaksha Watts Ring A
Sol Abraham Lincoln A,B
Esumindii Nourse City A
Ho Hsi Hand Ring B
Votatini Valigursky Orbital B,C,D,E
Njiri Helin Dock B,C,D,E
Kupana Hume Port A,B

System Station Rating Date Seen
Vaka Zenbei Orbital A Jun 21, 2015
Meliontit Abe Hub A,B
Esumindii Nourse City A,B
LP 291-34 Garratt City A,B,C,D Okt 29, 2015

Hyperspace Fuel EquationEdit

With the help of the formula below the effective fuel consumption of a ship travelling in hyperspace can be calculated. The formula is speculative and was in part deduced from user experimentation.

Formula Edit

f = l*0.001*(d*mShip/mOpt)^p

Documentation Edit

  • f = fuel consumed per jump in tons
  • l = linear constant. This constant depends upon the rating of the frame shift drive.
Rating A B C D E
Linear Constant 12 10 8 10 11
  • d = jump distance in light years
  • mShip = the mass of the entire ship including its cargo in tons and before fuel is consumed for the hyperspace jump itself
  • mOpt = the optimal mass of the frameshift drive in tons as indicated in-game by the outfitters. The total mass of the ship can exceed this value.
  • p = power constant. This constant depends upon the class of the frame shift drive.
Class 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Power Constant 2.00 2.15 2.30 2.45 2.60 2.75 2.90


  • Being close to any mass will affect the FSD charge time. While being next to a heavier ship will merely make it charge slower, the FSD will get mass-locked should the ship be next to something extremely massive (station, asteroid field, etc.) and will be unable to charge at all.
  • The FSD generates a small amount of heat while it charges up for the impending jump, especially in the proximity of stars.
  • For the original documentation of the hyperspace fuel equation, see this reddit post.


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