Frame Shift Drive Wakes are left behind when a ship enters supercruise or hyperspace. These FSD wakes can be scanned by other ships who can then use their own FSDs to jump to the same location.

There are two types of FSD wakes: low energy and high energy.

Low Energy WakeEdit

These wakes mark the location where a ship has entered/exited supercruise. Can be scanned by any ship without any special equipment.

High Energy WakeEdit

These wakes mark locations where a ship has jumped to another star system. Requires a Frame Shift Wake Scanner to be scanned. As of the time of writing, you can only scan and follow jumps made from normal space (as opposed to jumps made from Supercruise). Since most people making multi-jump trips will jump straight from Supercruise, following after the first jump is often impossible.


  • FSD wakes should show up in the Contacts panel and can be targeted as long as the player's ship is close enough to the wake.

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