Fumaroles 11 CEPHEI A 1 A

Body: 11 CEPHEI A 1 A, Lat: 72.0 Long: 42.5, Lat: 72.0° Long: 42.5° Discovered by: CMDR PanPiper

Fumaroles can be found in various places on planets and moons.

Locations Edit

These are some discovered fumaroles.[1]

  • Body: 11 CEPHEI A 1 A, Lat: 72.0° Long: 42.5°
  • Body: Blaa Hypa ZZ-P d5-145 B 1, Lat: -2.27° Long: -10.18°
  • Body: Boelts RL-E c28-2554 D 1, Lat: -9.29° Long: 148.69°
  • Body: Chaea Thua XE-R D4-18 1 C, Lat: -51.17° Long: -45.58°
  • Body: Col 173 Sector KY-Q D5-47 15 F A, Lat: -61.00° Long: -99.42°
  • Wrupeou BL-J C11-85

References Edit

  1. Geyser and Fumarole Location Catalog and Data Collection 

Gallery Edit

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