Colonia 3 C A Fungal life 1

Colonia 3 C A fungal life

People have discovered various kinds of Fungal life such as Cordycep growth, Polyporous growth, Mussedaen Seed pod and Phloem Excretion.

Fungal Trees Edit

There are huge fields of alien fungal trees.

  • IC 2391 SECTOR ZE-A D101 C Planet 3 A Lat: 11.44 Long: 48.43[1]
  • Synuefe ZL-J D10-119 Planet 7 A Big White Crater
  • Synuefe XO-P C22-17 D 3, Lat: 15 Long: -58

References Edit

  1. A Trip Through the Space Trees!

Gallery Edit

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