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The Galactic Cooperative, commonly known as Galcop, was an interstellar organization that was once a significant power in The Bubble. One distinguishing feature about Galcop is they mainly concerned themselves with space and station-based activity, and didn't take part in planetary affairs.[1]

Galcop is known to have existed as early as 2849, when the first recorded contact between humans and Thargoids occurred within Galcop territory.[2] In the 3100's, however, Galcop disbanded, an event which led to the decline of the prosperous Old Worlds, and fostered the rise of the Alliance in 3230.[1]

Galcop had captured a number of Thargoid spacecraft which ended up in the Alliance's hands. The Alliance was able to reverse-engineer them to produce the first Frame Shift Drive prototypes by the 3270's.[1]

Previous Games Edit

GalCop, or Galactic Cooperative of Worlds, was a space-based multi-species faction that was the main government and police force seen in the original Elite games. However, they later became known as Interpol but later fell to obscurity prior to the start of Elite Dangerous, due to the Federation and the Empire creating their own police forces. One distinguishing feature about GalCop is they mainly concerned themselves with space-based activity, and didn't take part in affairs on each planet that was part of their space. It is likely that the Alliance is the resurgence of GalCop in another form, given the democratic and de-centralized nature of both governments, and numerous volunteer pilots that enlisted.


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