The Master Chefs – Truth or Hoax? Edit

08 OCT 3301 Edit

An anonymous message has been delivered to a number of news feeds claiming that clandestine genetic experiments are being carried out in Noti system. The message, which was delivered in the early hours of the morning, asserts that an unnamed organisation has secretly created a new strain of slave labour. The full contents of the message are as follows:

"I don't know what they're called – they hide behind various dummy companies – but I know what they're doing. They target people that match a specific genetic template, and kidnap them when they're just kids. Then they subject them to the most punishing, dehumanising training imaginable. By the end of it, the subject is barely even human. Their compassion and empathy have been completely hammered out of them. All that's left is the desire to cook. They call these creations...the Master Chefs."

Is the message legitimate, or is it just an imaginative hoax? We leave you to decide.

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