Galactic Bar

The inner galactic core; home to a wealth of scientific discoveries, including the supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A*. The sheer number of star systems compacted within the galactic bar bathe all its worlds in a perpetual twilight, and makes route plotting a challenge.[1]

Current models of the galaxy suggest that the galactic bar is actually a sort of standing density wave, reshaping the orbits of the inner stars of the galaxy and creating a mechanism to channel gas into the core, fueling star births. Models also suggest that the bar is transitory, coming and going throughout the life of the galaxy every few billion years, forming a sort of galactic heartbeat.

Along the edges of the galactic bar flows immense streams of shocked interstellar gas, giving rise to the Near and Far 3kpc Arms - also known as the 'inner arms'. This perimeter of shocked interstellar gas is also what defines the boundary of the Galactic Core Regions - or simply, 'the galactic core'.

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