Galactic Map

Galactic Regions are specific areas in the Milky Way galaxy. There are 57 regions and 9 major galactic arms mapped out and presented on a high definition map for explorers, chorniclers and storytellers to use in their journeys through the Milky Way.

This is based on the community driven Galactic Mapping Project. The maps, regions, points of interest and names are not officially sanctioned by Frontier Developments. However, some have been adopted by Frontier over the past 18 months. Most notably Beagle Point, Rendezvous Point, Colonia, and lately Hawking's Gap and the Sagittarrii Conflux.[1]

EDSM has a detailed interactive map with tons of information about the galaxy submitted by explorers.

Galactic Regions Edit

There are 57 regions in the Milky Way.

Region Name View in EDSM
The Abyss View
The Abyssal Plain View
Angustia View
The Anthor Patch View
The Ascendance View
The Bleak Lands View
Boreas View
Centaurus Reach View
Circinus Transit View
Colonia View
The Dryman Ridge View
Eastern Neutron Fields View
Eurus View
The Fallows View
The Festival Grounds View
The Formidine Rift View
Galactic Aphelion View
The Gallipolis View
Hawking's Gap View
Hipparcos Basin View
Hyponia View
Ishtar View
Lin-Shu Hollow View
Mare Desperationis View
Masefield's Ocean View
The Norma Expanse View
Nyauthai Ripple View
Orio-Perseus Conflux View
Orion Complex View
Orio-Perseus Gap View
The Orion Spur View
The Orion Spur Shallows View
The Outer Arm Rift View
The Outer Arm Vacuus View
The Perseus Crags View
The Perseus Fade View
The Perseus Transit View
Perseus Stem View
Sagittarius Gap View
The Scar View
Scutum-Sagittarii Conflux View
Silentium View
The Sidereal Wall View
The Solitude Void View
Styx View
Tenebris View
The Torment View
The Tyros Ridge View
The Vela Molecular Ridge View
Vela Ultima Complex View
Via Maris View
Viatori Patuit View
Wagar's Reach View
Watkuweis View
The Wayfarers Graveyard View
Western Neutron Fields View
Zephyrus View

Galactic Arms Edit

There are 9 major galactic arms.

Arm Name View in EDSM
Outer Arm View
Orion-Cygnus Arm View
Perseus Arm View
Norma Arm View
Near 3kpc Arm View
Galactic Bar View
Far 3kpc Arm View
Scutum-Centaurus Arm View
Sagittarius-Carina Arm View

Project Edit

Elite Dangerous - The Galactic Mapping Project - The Galaxy Revealed04:38

Elite Dangerous - The Galactic Mapping Project - The Galaxy Revealed

The regional maps have been a work in progress since the mapping project was first founded by Erimus back in February 2015. Little by little, as explorers and pioneers traversed the depths of space, they submitted data of their travels to the mapping project to help gradually build up a picture of the galaxy, and over time these player-submitted regions were pieced together.

Hundreds of people helped as intrepid explorers, pioneers who named unseen regions of space that no human had travelled to before. It represents a monumental and successful undertaking by the community that benefits a huge number of players. Special thanks goes to the Rock Rats, Canonn and The First Great Expedition.

References Edit


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