A galactic sensus is a list of citizens, their affiliation and the density of their systems. A sensus can be used to determine the amount of power in the different factions, how strong each faction are, how close to the center of the bubble they are situated and many other things.

Although there are no current official sensus from Frontier, there have been some attempts by the community to create such a list. The most recent example being the Powerplay-based sensus (External Link) (The one used here)

This census uses data from the powerplay leaderboard, adding together all the systems and populations of the systems they control, and then diving those numbers by eachother to get a density. This method is far from perfect as it 1. Does not include all systems 2. Can count multiplie systems twice or more 3. Powerplay numbers change rapidly. However, given the extreme time it takes to count each system manually, and the extreme logistical problems this would cause, this is the best method as of yet (Until frontier releases it's own numbers)

Current Galactic Sensus - 29th of April 14:25 - By CMDR Kola2 Edit


Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.41.57 PM

Go to (External Link) For higher quality images.

EMPIRE TOTAL : 2221 Systems

EMPIRE POP TOTAL : 1541,7 Billion People

EMPIRE DENSITY : 0,6941467807294  ~ 0.69 billion/system


FEDERATION POP TOTAL : 2070,1 Billion people

FEDERATION DENSITY : 0,66328099967959 ~ 0,66 billion/system

ALLIANCE TOTAL : 229 Systems

ALLIANCE POP TOTAL: 203,9 Billion People

ALLIANCE DENSITY : 0,89039301310044 ~ 0.89 billion/system


INDEPENDENT POP TOTAL: 1225 Billion People

INDEPENDENT DENSITY : 0,44273907910272 ~ 0,44 billion/system

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