Galaxy regions

Galactic Regions are specific areas in the Milky Way galaxy. There are 42 regions mapped out and presented on a high definition map for explorers, chroniclers and storytellers to use in their journeys through the Milky Way.

In Beyond Chapter Four, Frontier will add a similar concept to the base game with the introduction of the Codex. It displays a galaxy map split into 42 regions.[1]

Galactic Regions Edit

There are 42 regions in the Milky Way.

Region Name
Achilles' Altar
Aquila's Halo
Arcadian Stream
Dryman's Point
Elysian Shore
Empyrean Straits
Errant Marches
Formidine Rift
Formorian Frontier
Galactic Centre
Hawking's Gap
Hieronymus Delta
Inner Orion Spur
Inner Orion-Perseus Conflux
Kepler's Crest
Lyra's Song
Mare Somnia
Newton's Vault
Norma Arm
Norma Expanse
Odin's Hold
Orion Cygnus Arm
Outer Arm
Outer Orion Spur
Outer Orion-Perseus Conflux
Perseus Arm
Ryker's Hope
Sagittarius-Carina Arm
Sanguineous Rim
Scutum-Centaurus Arm
The Abyss
The Conduit
The Veils
The Void
Trojan Belt
Vulcan Gate

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  • EDSM has a detailed interactive map with tons of information about the galaxy submitted by explorers.[2]

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