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19 September 3300 Edit

Ship Sales Service Report Edit

After last week's stunning news of a free Eagle for all, Core Dynamics falls back to a more usual 13.6% market share.

Faulcon deLacy remains top of the pile and tightens its grip on the market even further with a 1.6% overall market share rise to 41.6%. We have been digging hard over the past week following the rumours of the FdL board doing a big deal. Although we haven't yet got the full story it appears that something huge is about to happen with the Cobra. Could this be linked to the 30 year anniversary tension between Eranin and the Federation?

Zorgon Peterson once again accounts for a solid 26% share this week.

Lakon sales remain static this week, and the company will hope today's news of the release of the Asp Explorer on 30 September will help stimulate interest in their range.

Cold War Ready to Ignite? Edit

Eranin's 30 year anniversary of independence from the Federation is tomorrow, and their 'cold war' looks more and more like a tinderbox ready to ignite.

Eranin is flaunting its freedom in the face of Federal systems by announcing a celebratory liquor produced in Eranin and its fellow independent communist system Wyrd. In response the Federation has banned liquor in the local area and deployed many black ops teams around the systems, which has even disrupted our own Black Market data gathering this week.

Frankly things don't look good. We'd expect to see both sides reaching out to members over the coming days for assistance if things take any further turn for the worse.

22 September 3300 Edit

Eranin Celebration Liquor Banned by Federation Edit

Eranin's slow-burn escalation of tension with the Federation over its 30th Anniversary Of Independence celebrations looks to be coming to a head.

On Saturday, Eranin's 30th anniversary, the Federation declared the special celebratory liquor from Eranin illegal. Liquor from Wyrd, Eranin's fellow independent communist system, was also included in the ban.

A spokesperson for the Eranin Government said:

"We don't understand why the Federation would want to deny its citizens the opportunity to share our celebratory liquor with us - it is just a simple expression of shared joy, and does no harm."

Off the record, it was indicated that the Eranin Government is furious over what it sees as a bullying overlord attempting to spoil its big day, and this sort of behavior is precisely why Eranin wanted to get away from the Federation in the first place.

Over the last couple of days it looks like the whole operation has moved underground - there has been a marked increase in Commanders trading liquor from Eranin to Federal systems on the black market.

Meanwhile the marked increase in trade in black market weapons from the Anarchy systems continues unabated, with large numbers of Commanders also involved in shipments.

Reports suggest this is being funded by Black Ops cells, whose presence we have already alerted you to, placed there by a Federal government for whom the celebratory liquor was the final straw. They feel that Eranin has gone way beyond acceptable boundaries of provocation as it tries to lure other systems away from the Federation and go independent.

The ultimate destination of all this hardware is currently unknown, but having a large amount of fire-power being pumped into the already delicate situation surely cannot be good news for the short-medium term of the systems.

Faulcon deLacy Slashes Cobra Prices by 50%, Offers 100% Trade-In Value in Unprecedented Move Edit

It turns out that big deal that the Faulcon deLacy board was rumoured to be working on is a spectacular one. In a surprise move, prices of their Cobra Mk III craft have been slashed by 50% to 86,052 credits. FdL is also offering 100% of the trade-in value of your current ship when you switch to a Cobra Mk III.

It is a staggering move, that on the face of it makes no commercial sense - why would a company with a market leadership position give away all that profit? Have the FdL board gone soft in the head? Rest assured we are on the case and won't rest until we get to the bottom of the story on this one.

The net result, however, is a significant militarization of the ships out there - around two thirds of all trade-ins to the Cobra have been from trading ships like the Lakons and the ZP Hauler. That's an awful lot more combat capability flying round the galaxy.

23 September 3300Edit

Eranin vs Federation Skirmishes Intensify

Commanders are getting heavily involved in the growing conflict between
Eranin and the Federation over Eranin's 30th Anniversary of

Almost as many missions were flown in support of each side in the past
24 hours as in the whole of the weekend since Eranin's 30th anniversary.
It is a similar story with Faulcon deLacy's continued incredible 50%-off
deal continuing to take significant hauling capacity out of the systems
and replacing it with the highly combat capable Cobra.

Supporters of the beleaguered Eranin government are running illicit
Eranian and Wyrd celebratory liquor to Federal starports - Commander
Kudlmudl's Sidewinder is the highest non-anonymous Commander with 17
liquor runs totalling 82 canisters. [LG] Khan has been putting his
capacious Lakon Type 9 to good use in Eranin's service with 3,671
canisters of liquor illicitly shipped over the course of 12 trade runs.

There is also a healthy black market weapons trade in support of the

Commander Neon Raven is currently 'most wanted' at Azeban City (Eranin,
Independent), and Commander BlueFalcon is 'most wanted' at Chango Dock
(i Bootis, Federal). Each have over 450 kills to their name.

GalNet data feeds indicate that some Commanders are taking advantage of
the growing confusion to indulge in indiscriminate slaughter -
Commanders Germaniac and Pheyes are both wanted for significant numbers
of kills in the i Bootis system, but are also towards the top of the
table of most bounties collected in the same system.

Commander ZaphodBeeble has emerged as the public face of 'Freeport Tax
and Protection Services'. Freeport is in the anarchic LP 98-132 system,
and ZaphodBeeble and friends are operating what at first glance appears
to be a straightforward protection racket.

Normally we would simply expect nature to take its course with such
behavior, however with current levels of paranoia sweeping the systems
we have to wonder whether there is some wider strategy at play. Will the
erstwhile extortionists / enterprising entrepreneurs ultimately turn out
to be yet another machination in the power play that is unfolding before
our eyes?

24 September 3300Edit

Eranin vs Federation - Commander Reactions

There are still commanders such as CMDR Pheyes who are ambivalent about
their allegiance and appear to be indiscriminate in their targeting.

Many more, however, appear to be aligning themselves strongly with one
camp or the other. CMDR zenoic neatly summed up Eranin supporters'

"Freedom, yes. Freedom to trade legitimate goods, freedom from
Federal sponsored terrorism, freedom from Federal bullying. Long
live the Eranin revolution! 30 more years!"

CMDR Nemesis T Warlock in his Anaconda is rapidly catching up with CMDR
BlueFalcon at the top of the Most Wanted list in Federal space, and CMDR
Mark0 continues to uphold Independence for Asellus and Eranin.

CMDR DeGrimmy is taking it upon himself to arrange more organised

"A group of pilots, myself included, will be taking the fight to the
Federation by attacking their forces at i Bootis B. A broadcast will
be available at 8pm BST (~5 minutes from posting). The USS can be
found ~10Ls away from I Bootis B. If they are not stopped at Eranin,
they will not stop at all. I found a bulletin at Federation occupied
Magec earlier, asking for "Federation Patriots" to fight any
independent system security force in return for a handsome sum of
credits. This has to stop."

CMDR Ozric's assertion of:

"Better dead than red!"

Would seem to indicate that he is firmly on the side of the
Federation-supporting rebels. CMDR 2H@RD 2H@NDLE is putting his lasers
where his mouth is by heroically defending Federal assets in i Bootis
with a Cobra, whilst CMDR Cryo is doing a similar job in Dahan.

The tension is cranking up and rumors are spreading like wildfire. CMDR
MarktJones messaged:

"Getting dozens of 'Request Denied' responses from the station, at
first I thought the traffic control had got their hands on some of
the celebration liquor. But then I realised, the Federation has
hacked the docking control system at Azeban City."

It seems yesterday's blithe denial by Imperial Senator Denton Patreus
hasn't convinced all of you.

CMDR knowles2 says:

"The Empire senator sounds like he could barely keep a straight face
during that interview. I wonder how long it will be until an
Imperial fleet is spotted above Eranin to protect them from Federal

And of course there are those such as CMDR Lukozer, who are fiercely
loyal to the Empire.

"Death to the Federation! My loyalties are with the Empire, but ...
the independent systems get my support, particularly Eranin which
seems to have some 'unofficial backing' from the glorious Empire"

24 September 3300Edit

Eranin vs FederationEdit

Perhaps rather than conflict, Imperial Senator Denton Patreus'
characterization of the situation around Eranin yesterday as 'civil war'
is growing more accurate by the day...

Commanders continue to fly in support of both sides of the conflict,
although with a slight majority on the Federal side - the side of the

We spoke to representatives from both sides last night.

A source close to the communist Eranin government passed on this message
for broadcast:

"The Federation-backed rebels are determined to undermine everything
Eranin stands for. Comrades! It is time to take up arms and fight
the capitalist aggressors!"

There has been a massive surge in Eranin celebratory liquor being
smuggled into Federation-controlled Chango Dock. The Eranin government
wants to see even more destinations targeted with the now-symbolic
liquor to spread support for their cause. Off the record they are also
keen for more practical assistance from Commanders in fighting.

A spokesperson for the Federation-backed rebels, who wished to remain
anonymous, told us:

"We want to be free to live our lives! Help us kick some Commie butt
and break this centralist oppression - every form we fill in, every
eye-watering taxation increase, every permit they deny, a little
something dies inside us. They will not control us!"

We are getting reports that the Independent Alliance are about to
formally intervene on Eranin's behalf with Federation representatives.

25 September 3300Edit

Commander Activity as Unrest SpreadsEdit

In response to the Eranin government's call yesterday for a wider spread
of its now-infamous celebration liquor, there has been much activity
involving large amounts of liquor in several systems.

Over 30 Commanders have taken liquor to Opala's Romanenko Estate. In LHS
3262, CMDR Waugh and CMDR Sophie-Beth have both been major contributors
to the liquor flooding into Louis de Lacaille Prospect. CMDR Sandmann is
also doing his best to help Bolg's Moxon's Mojo star port drown its

In combat news, CMDR Nemesis T Warlock in his Anaconda has now hit the
top of the Most Wanted list in Federal space, and CMDR Neon Raven and
CMDR erarda have been busy disrupting the Independents.

The Freeport blockade is still active. The blockaders are yet to show
their hand for one side or the other, leading our informants to the
conclusion that this activity is genuinely an entrepreneurial protection
racket rather than a smokescreen by one of the power blocs. There would
therefore seem to be a significant risk of the blockaders being caught
up in a scorched-earth policy by Federation black ops units looking to
cover the tracks of all the illegal weapons they have had smuggled out
of the Freeport anarchy.

Meanwhile, there are whispers of covert Federal activity in Asellus
Primus and Wyrd.

25 September 3300Edit

Eranin and Rebels in Federation-Brokered Peace TalksEdit

As Eranin 30th Anniversary celebratory liquor is spread far and wide,
the Federation Black Ops teams are moving to more overt than covert
operations in support of the rebels, removing all doubt that the rebels
are a Federation proxy.

Consequently, the gloves are now well and truly off in the conflict
between the Eranin government and the Federation-backed rebels, with
ever-increasing numbers of Commanders involved on each side.

Congressman Silvia Calhoon, the Federal Representative from nearby
Aulin, is today chairing peace talks at a secret, secure outpost between
representatives of the Eranin government and the rebel leaders. Our as
yet unconfirmed reports still suggest a representative of the
Independent Alliance is also attending.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Senator Patreus denied rumours that he had
personally extended a loan to the Eranin government.

26 September 3300Edit

Eranin and Rebel Peace Talks Fail - War Declared!Edit

Yesterday's peace talks between the Eranin government and
Federation-leaning rebels collapsed into chaos yesterday.

An ambassador of the Independent Alliance was due to attend in support
of Eranin but did not arrive - furious Eranin government officials
accused the Federation of interference. It seems Ambassador Eliza
Fernandez was delayed by customs en route to Eranin after the ship she
was travelling in was caught with contraband Celebration Liquor on board
at a Federal stop-and-search in the Opala system.

Silvia Calhoon, the Federal Representative from Aulin who chaired
yesterday's peace talks, said:

"We offer our sympathy for Ms Fernandez being delayed, but
government representatives need to lead by example. However, we are
here to focus on mediation, and helping to settle the internal
conflict between the Eranin government and a section of their
people. We need both sides to sit down and talk. Sadly, the Eranin
government did not stay long yesterday; we cannot achieve this noble
goal if the Eranin government refuses to talk."

The Eranin government, who were yesterday rumored to be bankrolled by
Imperial Senator Patreus, made no comment. However, shortly afterwards
heavy fighting was reported in i Bootis as Eranin Defence Force ships
attacked Federal Navy assets.

Reports are also coming in of strikes and sabotage disrupting the
markets in Louis de Lacaille Prospect (LHS 3262), Romanenko Estate
(Opala) and Moxons Mojo (Bolg) - all Federal systems.

In the last hour rebel ships have attacked in Asellus Primus and Wyrd,
both Independent systems, supportive of the government in Eranin. The LP
98-132 anarchy is home to the Freeport starport, which was the source of
many illegal weapons supplied to the Federation backed rebels and is
currently subject to a civilian blockade.

Many Commanders have been mobilized in support of each side. The Faulcon
deLacy Limited Edition Black / Wireframe paint job is being used by
protagonists from each side as a method of indicating their
participation, but disguising their allegiance.

The blockaders have come out as against the federation but still remain
independent. We received this message from them outlining their
intention to align themselves with the Eranin Defence forces:

"Greetings Commanders and citizens of LP 98-132,

We've had a chat, Treyshon and I; we have made up our minds about
the current situation and feel that we can no longer ignore the
escalating tensions. We've been carrying on as normal as if nothing
is happening. Burying our heads in the sand, so to speak.

If the Federation manage to bring Eranin back into their oppressive
fold we will start to see Federal influence creep into LP 98. This
cannot be allowed to happen.

Therefore, as of right now, we are aligning ourselves with the
Eranin Defence forces to push back against the Feds and FTPS is
officially on hiatus from taxation duties.

Over the next couple of days we will be scanning all ships leaving
Freeport and will destroy ANY vessels attempting to smuggle weapons
out of Freeport, be them Elite Federation pilots or otherwise.

We will NOT tolerate any efforts to bolster the Federation's
position in Eranin and the surrounding systems.

We are doing this as much for ourselves as for the pilots and
citizens of Freeport that enjoy the free trade and everything else
that comes from existing in an anarchic system.

We will not tolerate interference here.

Rise up now, never surrender!"

CMDR Star Noble's 'recruitment campaign' is increasing the numbers of
privateers targeting Chango Dock.

During a routine scouting mission CMDR Qrunch Miner has discovered a
huge Federation fleet Amassing at i Bootis B Unidentified Signal Source!

In combat news, CMDR Nemesis T Warlock is still racking up the Kills
against the Feds whilst CMDR Erarda is coming out is force against

CMDR Maeyae has become the top trader of liquor in a type 9, trading 20
times in one day, amassing over 8000 units and CMDR Jak sold Liquor in
13 different stations in just one day.

29 September 3300Edit

Eranin Civil War EscalatesEdit

The Azebanian provincial city of New Fresno fell to rebel forces this
morning as the civil war moved into its fourth day.

Thousands of pro-government refugees have fled to Azeban's historical
capital city of Fort Bradley, escaping what is believed to be, thus far,
a largely bloodless rebellion.

The weekend had seen significant government victories, thanks in large
part to the participation of traders from the Pilot's Federation. Cmdrs
Johnny V and Fallschirmjäger provided Eranin's government with high
quantities of Combat Stabilizers and Basic Medicines, while Cmdrs
Nephalim Angel and Psychopomp delivered cases of celebratory liquor in
the thousands.

However, orbital strikes on grain silos by rebel craft have caused panic
on the streets of New Fresno and a mass exodus of loyalist civilians
that has left the city in rebel hands.

Civilians have begun hoarding medical supplies, driving demand for
essential medicine while demand for luxury goods and consumer technology
is plummeting. Commentators suggest the market's reaction, when it
comes, will be swift and dramatic.

Fort Bradley remains untouched by rebel forces. An official speaking
from the city denied rumors of Imperial support for the long-standing
government, and said:

"We are doing all we can to support our comrades making the journey
to our capital, where they will be greeted warmly by the loyal
people of Azeban."

He went on to dismiss the uprising, describing the conflict many are
calling the 'Anniversary War' as a 'skirmish', saying:

"Eranin is a system of pioneers that has stood proudly independent
for 30 years, and we ask our friends in the Pilot's Federation to
supply us with medicine and weapons to assist in opposing these
rebels' unjustified attacks against Eranin's people."

In a dispatch believed to have come from the overthrown New Fresno,
rebel forces responded:

"We demand democracy, nothing more. Our unelected government steals
away our freedoms while raising ever more in taxes. We will remove
them from power one building, one city and one planet at a time, if
we must. We have attacked only the grain silos with which Eranin's
government shackles its people, and any bloodshed will be on our
oppressors' hands, not ours."

In other developments:

- The conflict has yet to reach the orbital Azeban City. The starport
remains under government control, though rumors persist of a growing
black market in aid of the rebel faction.

- Ambassador Eliza Fernandez of the Independent Alliance has declined to
comment on her detention by customs officials, or on the contraband
liquor alleged to have been found in her ship's hold.

- Delegates in the independent Wyrd system denied accusations of
interference or partisanship in the Anniversary War.

- Cmdr Neon Raven is Eranin's Most Wanted for actions against Pilot's
Federation ships. Cmdr Vega Trantor is Most Wanted in Asellus Primus.
The Pilot's Federation condemned all attacks against its members and
local authorities.

- Conflict between Pilot's Federation Commanders in the i Bootis system
has seen 3,316 bounties collected in recent days, but a further 6,343
fresh bounties handed out by the federation's enforcers. Cmdr Erik
Marcaigh is the system's Most Wanted, and has been described as "a
menace". The Pilot's Federation asked other pilots to "follow the lead
of leading bounty hunter Cmdr kiFF and collect the generous rewards
offered on rogue agents".

- Trading and combat activities currently favor Eranin's government over
its rebels, though disinformation campaigns on both sides make accurate
reporting problematic.

30 September 3300 Edit

History of the Eranin Conflict Edit

Now into its fifth day, the Eranin civil war has escalated quickly.

The system's independence celebrations saw mass exports of celebratory liquor, a practice banned in short order by the Federation.

The perceived Federal opposition to the Independent communist regime sparked anti-government protests and the rise of pro-Federation rebels in Eranin.

War erupted on September 26 and spilled out of the system with rebel attacks on targets in Wyrd, and retaliation against Federal Navy assets in i Bootis by Eranin Defense Forces.

At the weekend, Azeban's provincial city of New Fresno fell to the pro-Federation rebels, triggering an exodus of loyalist refugees.

Rumors persist of Imperial involvement.

The Pilot's Federation has made the Universal Cartographics Discovery Module a standard component in all Sidewinder loadouts.

The Discovery Module is activated via a fire group, and works at both standard and supercruise speeds.

Once charged, it emits radiation bursts and analyzes reflections and reactions to build an overview of local unknown bodies.

Pilots can perform close-range scans of stars, planets and moons using standard targeting procedures. After a short delay, the on-board navigation computer will be updated with details of the body.

Exploration data can be traded with Universal Cartographics in starports, and growing demand has seen upgraded discovery modules and detailed surface scanners made available.

October Edit

28 October 3300 Edit

Fuel Price Controversy Continues Edit

Starport services across the sector are defending their fuel pricing strategy amid claims of price fixing.

A representative for Tranquillity Stops, 'the Galaxy's favourite services', angrily refuted claims of impropriety.

The spokeswoman told us:

"Whilst pilots can fit a fuel scoop to their vessel and attempt to skim the surface of stars to refill their tank for free, anyone with an ounce of sense will understand the dangers of such an activity."

She added that, measured against the potential thermal damage and risk of interdiction, fuel prices were actually "quite reasonable".  

New FSD Interdictors Renew Legal Debate Edit

Achilles Aerospace's recently unveiled FSD interdictor product line has prompted Federation-wide renewed calls for frame shift interdiction to be classified as a crime - a proposal strongly rejected by several independent systems in this sector.

A spokesperson for the Achilles division, which specialises in ship modifications, refused to comment on what is becoming a political issue, other than to reveal that sales of the FSD interdictor module are performing beyond expectations.

Security analysts recommend that whilst interdiction remains legal, super cruising pilots should pay attention to vessels approaching from behind, as this is the device's required position to tether the two craft together and begin the process of interdiction.

30 October 3300 Edit

Mining Special Report Edit

According to the experts at Wreaken Construction & Mining, all you need is a refinery, a mining laser and a little luck. Most rings in known space are depleted but for the individual there is still some money to be made. The current equipment is not configured to work with ice rings and the best yields will be found on metal rings far from populated space.

Our contact at Universal Cartographics, James Urquhart, was keen to point out that data is available in any of the mapped systems, showing both the type of ring/belt and the level of reserves. Reserves have been categorised from Depleted to Pristine and belt composition comes under one of the four types.

December Edit

6 December 3300 Edit

The Emperor is a Sick Man Edit

Arguably the most powerful person in the galaxy, Emperor Hengist Duval, is sick.

He has ruled the Empire now for 67 years since his coronation in 3233 following the death of his father, Hesketh Duval.

Emperor Hengist is only 118, born only a week before the death of his grandfather, Hender Saik Duval. Some say Hender's spirit had already transferred to Hengist at that time.

The Duval Imperial line has been unbroken for almost a thousand years.  There have been power struggles in the past, but the usurpers have been successfully dealt with behind closed doors.

This time is different.

Hengist has been not involved himself in politics for a long time, relying on his Chancellor, Senator Blaine and has taken a laissez faire attitude towards a handful of increasingly powerful and ambitious Senators whilst Harold, the current heir, quickly made a name for himself as a feckless playboy.

The warlike Senator Denton Patreus, last seen trying to destabilise the Eranin system during the conflict surrounding its 30th Anniversary of Independence from the Federation, continues his manipulative power-broking in the galaxy at large.

The preposterously rich Senator Zemina Torval is using her slaver corporation supporters and personal fleet of Majestic-class Interdictors to suppress revolts and to further her ambitions.

Commentators expect others to show their hand, too.

Much like in Imperial Rome on ancient Earth, Senators determine the tax rates of their supporters and both Patreus and Torval have become hugely popular back home as they have each used their huge wealth to lower taxation to zero.

There is a real prospect of the next Emperor not being a Duval.  And the bitter fight for succession is about to spill out into the open.

Meanwhile, the Federation and Alliance of Independent Systems are watching with keen interest.

12 December 3300 Edit

The Rise of Crimson State Edit

There have been some interesting goings on in the Lugh system, which was a peaceful, Federally controlled system until last week.

Then CMDR orfeboy started acting as agent provocateur for the Crimson State Group.

"Over the centuries those who could moved to the Lugh system to be closer to their point of attention and an underground following has grown over the centuries into now what is a sizable minority faction in this system. 

Always persecuted and hunted in the past they have established themselves now as a force within the system where each and every right they posses had to be fought and worked for. But they will accept repression no more.

Now we want what is rightfully ours! The worship of the great God Lugh will no longer be oppressed and we will have dominance in this sector and eject the oppressive Federation out of this system declaring an independent Lugh! 

We call on all ships for support.

Come to Lugh. Only do missions for the 'Crimson State Group'. 

We need guns and weapons to gather forces for our uprising. 

Our numbers are few but our resolve steadfast! 

We will not fail. We cannot fail. We must not fail!"

With the help of many others, his campaign has seen Crimson State’s influence rise in the system from being a minor faction to such an extent that at the time of writing the system is on the brink of civil war.

13 December 3300 Edit

The Chancellor Speaks Out Edit

The Imperial Palace has issued a statement saying that while the Emperor is unwell, it is not as serious as many commentators are suggesting. Nevertheless speculation is rife. The Chancellor, Senator Anders Blaine, has tried to quell the speculation.

"The great Emperor Hengist has not involved himself in the detail of politics for a long time. It is a terrible loss for us all that he is unwell, but even if the worst does come and our beloved Emperor passes away, we will have a coronation, we will have a spectacular ceremony and some great parties, but nothing will really change. The Senate and I will continue to run the Empire."

It is said that actions speak louder than words, and it has been noted that many shipyards throughout Imperial space appear to be concentrating on bringing numerous Imperial Interdictors run by key Senators to battle readiness with full squadrons of fighters. This is highlighted by the reduced number of new ships they are completing on the open market.

All five of the slaver Senator Torval's 'enforcers' – giant battle-hardened Interdictors – have left port, and her luxuriously equipped Majestic Class yacht "Xanadu", which still packs a punch, is ready to travel at a moment's notice. Senator Patreus's fleet is also mobilised, though this is not so unusual, but we expect some fireworks in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile in the Federation, another vote in Congress has gone against besieged President Halsey. She has been forced to remove her block on the Navy's latest budget. Shadow President Hudson declared this a major victory.

"Finally our once great Navy can operate again. Belatedly our heroes can return to full pay, and we can start to bring our fleet out of mothballs. Our Frontier States can once again see the justification for their taxes, and the powerful support we can bring to them."

We couldn't get a comment from the Alliance leadership, but we did manage to speak to a junior aide who wanted to remain unnamed.

"It's depressing they're at it again. I thought Halsey was better than that. Doubtless millions will die, and there's not much the Alliance can do except broker the odd meaningless set of peace talks after they've had at each other."

16 December 3300 Edit

Slave Rebellion in Sorbago Edit

Rumours of the slave rebellion in the Sorbago system have been confirmed. In a speech to business leaders, pro-slavery Senator Zemina Torval denied sending two of her personal Majestic Class Interdictors, the Boudica and the Elizabeth, to put down the revolt, but said:

"They have gone to Sorbago to help the local mining corporation keep the peace and to keep out the external forces that are trying to create a conflict."

Reports suggested the slaves are not being treated according to Imperial Law.

Torval has announced generous payments to those that help her, and has criticised the barbaric treatment of unregulated slaves outside the Empire in the past.

"I will personally sponsor any unregulated slaves brought to Synteini, Shinigami, Quile, LTT 9810, Tau-2 Gruis A, Naunei, and Tepertsi to be given full Imperial Rights and treated as Imperial Slaves."

Federal President Declares Plant an Illegal Narcotic Edit

The Federal President Jasmina Halsey has declared the newly discovered rare narcotic 'Onionhead' illegal throughout Federal space. Onionhead is the fruit of an alien plant, only grown on Panem in the independent Kappa Fornacis system.

Halsey has said she is concerned by the effect it is having on Federal youth in that part of the galaxy.

"We must be strong and protect our youth from vile substances that are rotting their minds. This is why I have taken this difficult step."

17 December 3300 Edit

Patreus Helping Oppressed Rebels in Jera Edit

In a move that is sure to worry some independent governments, Senator Denton Patreus has announced his forces have been sent to aid the long-suffering rebels in the Jera system.

He answered questions on the steps of the Imperial Opera House on Conversion in the Achenar system.

"The left-leaning government in Jera has long been oppressing hard-working minorities. This is the fundamental problem with democracy - the bullying of the aspirational minority by the indolent majority. That bullying has to stop."

Farmer's Leader Accuses President of Victimisation Edit

Georgio Algeria, the spokesman for the Farmer's Union in the Kappa Fornacis system, has spoken out at the Federal President's declaration that Onionhead, the main export from the Kappa Fornacis system, be illegal.

At a press conference on Panem he said:

"Onionhead is great, cool. Loved across the galaxy. We make it, you eat it. Don't eat it if you don't want it. Call yourself President! We will keep making it and you will keep eating it. It's what we do. It's all we do."

Algeria would not be drawn on it in public, but it is clear the President's controversial actions have spread publicity for Onionhead far and wide and demand is higher than ever on the black market.

18 December 3300 Edit

Patreus Declares Zero Taxation Edit

In a popular move, Senator Denton Patreus has announced the already low tax regime for all Imperial Citizens under his patronage will be lowered to zero. Before boarding his private yacht he said to reporters present:

"It is the duty of the successful to provide well for their loyal supporters. Our many successes abroad have brought us vast wealth. I take pride that those under my patronage get the best medical care, the best assistance if they fall on hard times, and because of their support in the past, the lowest taxes."

Patreus is said to earn vast sums in interest payments on the many loans he has made to foreign governments to buy Imperial weaponry, which he also supplies.

Celebrity Daughter of Heir Declares Slavery Dishonourable Edit

Aisling Duval, arguably second in line for the throne if her parents were married, spoke out against slavery on the chat show 'Celebrity Pets', particularly the rebellion in Sorbago.

"We should accept that in this 34th century, this is a barbaric practice for people of honour. We should free the slaves in Sorbago. And for that matter Ngun, Eta Horologii, Kuyu, and Cemiess right away. This will happen anyway when my father becomes Emperor."

There has been some discussion among commentators that Aisling now appears to be speaking for her father. Senator Torval said in an off-the-cuff remark while leaving an awards ceremony:

"Well I suppose her soak of a father can't speak for himself any more. At least she could read the names of a few systems she had been given on a note. It would have been better if she could have been told how to pronounce them!" 

19 December 3300 Edit

Heir to the Throne Officially Mad Edit

The sick Emperor Hengist Duval has managed to appear in the Senate, albeit in a travel chair, to issue a decree.

He decreed Harold, his son, not of sound mind. This gives some credence to the claim in the more scurrilous news feeds a year ago that Hengist once referred to his son in not very regal terms in private.

"The little idiot is utterly bonkers. He couldn't find his own bottom with both hands."

This was of course, denied. This decree, as commentators have been quick to point out, means there is no clear successor to the throne. Unusually the event was excluded from newscasts, but those present said he looked frail.

Admiral Vincent Declares a Blockade of Kappa Fornacis Edit

Federal Admiral Vincent has declared a blockade of the Kappa Fornacis system to prevent the spread of the narcotic onionhead.

Speaking after a meeting at the Admiralty in Quenisset on Mars he answered questions from waiting journalists.

"The local government is failing to prevent the spread of this vile narcotic through the galaxy, so we must do so on behalf of the Federation. Any ship carrying this narcotic will be destroyed by our forces."

The Farmer's leader, Georgio Algeria has put out a plea for help.

"Please help us. This is our livelihood. If the Federation doesn't like it then it must be cool. And you'll be cool if you help us. Come and back us against the oppressors."

Onionhead and the Slaves of Sorbago Edit

16 December 3300 was the day President Halsey declared the onionhead narcotic illegal in Federal systems.

The outrage amongst the Farmer's Cooperative may be tempered by the fact that her edict doesn't seem to have had much effect on Commanders' activity, quite the oppostite in fact, with Kappa Fornacis' finest produce being eagerly distributed to the black market throughout the galaxy, and especially within Federal systems.

We've heard a whisper that Madame President's dismay at this may lead her to start flexing her metaphorical muscles.

Meanwhile Senator Torval is looking to shore up her powerbase in the deadly game of Imperial succession that is being played out. Her wealth is built on slavery, and from the 26 million credits claimed by Commanders willing to offer Sorbago's slaves the 'opportunity' of a better class of slavery in the Empire via Mastopolos Mining Inc's links with the Senator it looks like she is gaining traction.

Senator Denton Patreus, meanwhile, is engaged in a more even fight. Ever the one to manipulate strife to his own ends whilst disguising his intentions with grandiose sentiments, Patreus has thrown his considerable resources behind the Jera Nationalists. The incumbent Jera Social Democrats are currently managing to hold their own in the battle for control in the system, with Commanders' support evenly split.

20 December 3300 Edit

Arissa Lavigny is the Daughter of the Emperor Edit

Arissa Lavigny, the outspoken courtier and the daughter of historic socialite Prince Aristide Lavigny (famously eaten by his own pet Linglang when Arissa was very young) has declared that the Prince was not her father.

She claimed that she is in fact the illegitimate daughter of Emperor Hengist. She spent many of her early years around the Imperial Court. Her father and mother were close friends of the Emperor, and perhaps now we know why. Her mother is still seen in court from time to time.

The information was conveyed in a press release and our requests for an interview with Arissa have so far been declined.

This would put her claim to the throne ahead of Aisling Duval's, but her parents being unmarried still means her claim is not solid. Palace officials could not be drawn to comment, but the fact that the Palace has not issued a denial is significant.

Slave Rebellion Gains Traction Edit

Reports are coming in that the slaves in Sorbago have taken control of many of the mines on Sorbago A1 and have massacred those in control. We have no reporters on the scene so cannot verify these stories.

A spokeswoman for Mastopolos Mining Incorporated, which runs the mines and much of the system, has issued the following statement:

"Our security forces have intercepted ships from outside the system bringing guns to the rebels. This is destabilising our workforce, and has got to stop."

Senator Torval, a major shareholder in Mastopolos, has sent some of her private warships to the system. She has also further increased aid for those assisting her in fighting off "these external rabble-rousers". In the meantime, the price of ore has risen in the area.

21 December 3300 Edit

Senator Patreus Declares Succession About Power Not Blood Edit

At the annual Feast of the 100, a banquet for key business leaders on Capitol in Achenar, one of the after dinner speakers, Senator Denton Patreus declared the importance of the Imperial succession.

"We have a truly great Empire. Our grace Emperor Hengist is sadly not well, and I wish him a speedy recovery. Nevertheless, we do need to plan should the worst happen. The choice of our next Emperor is a vital one. The succession should not be about family bloodlines, but about who would be best for the future Empire. For past generations, and for Hengist himself, he was groomed for power for decades by his great father, and this has worked well for over a thousand years. It was not just about blood, it was about learning from his father. This time there is no such successor, so things need to change."

Federal Warships Bomb Farms Edit

Onionhead stories are dominating the Federal media, with teenage criminality being highlighted. The coverage has increased demand for the narcotic in Federal space higher than ever.

Admiral Vincent has announced a program of crop destruction from low orbit around Panem.

"Dropships, launched from our orbiting Farragut class battlecruisers, have bombed large areas of crops. We used pinpoint modern weaponry and no human has been harmed in these attacks."

Local news reports show this not to be true. An entire family was found dead, overcome by the noxious fumes from the burning of the ripe crop in their field tent. The image of a burning warg (a deer-like creature with big eyes, probably imported as a pet by one of the settlers) running from a burning field, has spread through social media, especially within the Alliance, spreading hatred for Federal Forces.

22 December 3300 Edit

Durius Defaults on Debt to Patreus Edit

Senator Denton Patreus announced today in a press release that the government of the impoverished Durius system has defaulted on the loan he provided in 3294. The Senator has given them 24 hours to make the overdue payment or action would be taken.

A haggard Governor Xavier Malachai, leader of "Durius Dominion" in Durius said to anxious reporters:

"The interest on this debt is crippling us. It is not as if the money helped the people of Durius. It went into military hardware, bought at full price from Patreus, all those years ago. We've offered to return the warships - we cannot afford to crew them anyway, but Patreus is not interested. We cannot afford the payment. We can't sell them, so what can we do?"   

Emperor to Marry Sweetheart Edit

A palace spokesman today announced on behalf of his grace Emperor Hengist Duval, that he is to marry Florence Lavigny, a sweetheart from his younger years.

Under Imperial Law a marriage must be announced 30 days beforehand. Commentators have pointed out the Emperor could decree it to happen sooner, though he would have to appear in the Senate to do so.

With his son declared unfit the marriage would make Arissa Lavigny, his illegitimate daughter with Florence, next in line for the throne. Under Imperial Law the marriage cannot happen for 30 days to allow people to lodge their objections.

Arissa Lavigny will become Princess Arissa as soon as they marry, and of the announcement she has said:

"This is one of the happiest days of my life. I will of course change my name to Duval, so the honourable Duval line will continue in both blood and name."

Senator Torval Speaks out against Aisling Duval and Her Abolishionist Message Edit

Speaking to press in the jungle retreat on her yacht 'Xanadu' this morning, when asked about the comments Aisling Duval made on the chat show 'Celebrity Pets' Zemina Torval stated:

"That illegitimate child Aisling Duval speaks out against slavery, but she knows nothing of it. Look at our streets. We have no beggars. No graffiti. No one goes hungry. Our streets are safe. 

Look at the Federation. The girl's never been of course. People die of starvation despite their crippling taxes. Is that what she wants, because it seems popular? Go to the Federation then! 

She speaks for her father because he can barely talk and is only lucid for a few moments at a time. It's not as if her father will ever ascend to the throne. Everyone knows he wrecked his brain many years ago."

We couldn't reach Aisling Duval for comment.

23 December 3300 Edit

Patreus Attacks Durius Edit

Senator Patreus held talks on his Majestic class Interdictor the "Imperial Freedom" last night.

The talks in the palatial Red Room on his ship were an impressive affair, but they quickly broke down early this morning, GMT, and Governor Malachai flew back to Durius without any comment to the press.

After the talks Senator Patreus gave an interview with journalists that had been invited on board for the talks.

"I am very disappointed that Mr. Malachai has not taken this issue seriously. Honour and honesty are vital attributes in our modern society, and here we have seen neither. It is with a heavy heart I have decided to take action to recover the debt from Durius. I have ships already in the Durius system, and more will be deployed as required."

Panic has spread through the tiny population of this feudal backwater, as the system moves to a war footing.

Emperor Sickness Worsens Edit

Rumours are spreading that the Emperor's illness has taken a turn for the worse. Speeders carrying medical experts have been seen entering the palace, and inadvertently last night an Imperial aide confirmed that one wing of the Imperial Palace has been turned into a hospital.

Critics of the Emperor have said that he should have taken genetic therapies long ago. With them he would have lived another fifty years, but the Emperor has always believed in clean living and avoided medications, drugs and narcotics. Those same critics also blamed him for his rebellious son's descent into debauchery during his early years as a response to his father's "puritanism" as Harold called it at the time. Others have pointed out that Harold would have rebelled whatever, and some say this rebellious nature explains Harold's stance on slavery.

24 December 3300 Edit

Christmas Celebrations Begin throughout the Federation and Alliance Edit

Christmas celebrations and official public holidays have begun throughout Federal, Alliance and some independent systems.

In ancient times the date once marked the shortest day on Earth and developed into a key date for various ancient religions still observed by some. The now traditional Christmas celebration of commercial excess, parties and present-giving is in full swing.

In Imperial systems the focus of the present-giving celebrations is the New Year in the standard calendar, and of course Empire Day, the day after.

Rebellion Failing in Jera? Edit

Senator Denton Patreus refused to comment today when questioned regarding the apparent failure of the rebellion in the Jera system despite his support.

Reports from the system have indicated that the local security forces with the support of hired independent pilots experienced little difficulty in suppressing the attacks by the rebel forces. One of the pilots commented:

“I’ve never had a job this easy. It’s like the rebels can’t even be bothered to fight. It’s the easiest money I’ve ever made!”

A source close to the senator revealed that more forces may be sent to the system.

25 December 3300 Edit

Senator Torval Frees 10,000 Slaves Edit

Senator Torval has long criticised slavery outside the Empire or 'unregulated slavery' as she refers to it.

Even though she doesn't celebrate Christmas, for the last few years she has freed slaves she has found for sale in Federal systems. Speaking from her yacht the 'Xanadu' she said:

"Today, as with previous years, I am freeing 10,000 unregulated Federal slaves bought from private traders in Federal systems for their Christmas celebration. The barbarism of unregulated slavery in the Federation is unforgivable. The Federation needs to pass laws to regulate slavery rather than pretending the practice doesn't exist."   

Federal President Denies Onionhead Crackdown Edit

After the traditional Presidential Christmas Eve banquet in New York on Earth in Sol last night, the President was confronted by a crowd protesting against ‘Oniongate' - and the bombing of fields and farms on Panem in Kappa Fornacis.

Struggling to speak above the noise of the crowd chanting “Babykiller”, President Halsey answered questions from the press.

"I have heard about the terrible events on Panem. I did not issue any orders to crack down on the narcotic onionhead, and certainly did not authorise bombings of the surface. Admiral Vincent has operated without my authority and I have asked for an enquiry to see how this happened."

This is a surprising development, as it seems unlikely Admiral Vincent would have acted without support from the top. Some are saying this is Halsey washing her hands of the problem.

Slave Rebellion Crushed Edit

In a statement from one of Senator Torval's closest advisors the Senator declared that the rebellion in the Sorbago system had been crushed. She praised her forces and the allied pilots who aided in suppressing the rebellion.

"The institution of Imperial slavery in the Sorbago system has been restored. Those that have broken tradition will be punished according to Imperial law. Our focus now is on restoring production and additional manpower from Mastopolos Mining will be transferred into the system to assist in the rebuilding process."

She also promised that the situation in the system would return to normal quickly, although local market prices haven't yet returned to their pre-rebellion levels.

26 December 3300 Edit

University Student Sit-In Edit

A peaceful Christmas demonstration which started on Christmas Day continues on the steps of the Congress building in Olympus Village on Mars.

This year Christmas falls during the cold season, and the students are wrapped up warm, mostly dressed in red and white Santa outfits. Above them a giant repeating holo of the burning warg running from the field of flames plays. The protestors chant "Babykiller" in between renditions of various carols with amended words to reflect the protest.

Newsfeeds are now carrying this story throughout the Federation, but members of the government have been unavailable for comment.

Torval Backs Patreus's Line on the Imperial Succession Edit

In a frosty response to a question from a reporter climbing into a speeder, Senator Torval replied:

"All this in-fighting over the succession is unseemly. I have at least as much Imperial blood as that Arissa Lavigny woman and you don't see me clamouring for the throne. Any fool can change their name to Duval, but it makes no difference. I may disagree with Senator Patreus on many things but he is right on this matter. We must do what is best for our beloved Empire. Not glory for an individual. In the absence of a clear well-prepared successor, the throne should go to the Senator most popular with the Citizens, and like it or not that is currently Patreus."

Commanders Decide Two Civil Wars as Torval Triumphs, Patreus Defeated but Defiant Edit

Commanders' assistance helped Imperial Senator Zemina Torval gain a crushing victory and 76% influence in the Sorbago system. Torval used the Mastopolus Mining Corporation as a front to acquire slaves and bolster her power base in the manoeuvring to succeed the ailing Emperor Hengist Duval.

Senator Denton Patreus was dealt a bloody nose in the Jera system, with Commanders weighing in to ensure that the incumbent Jera Social Democrats remained in power despite Patreus's best efforts.

The Emperor himself has been making quite an impact for such an allegedly frail man. Days after appearing in the Senate to pronounce his son and heir Harold 'not of sound mind', Hengist Duval announced his intention to marry his sweetheart from their younger years, Florence Lavigny.

Even in his condition, the Emperor will be fully aware of the focus this throws on his and Florence's illegitimate daughter Arissa. The soon-to-be Princess Arissa immediately announced her intent to change her surname to Duval, seemingly putting her in pole position in the succession race.

Undeterred by his defeat in Jera, Senator Patreus has declared all out war on the tiny feudal system of Durius for defaulting on massive loan payments to him. Commanders are taking this fresh opportunity to earn credits whilst influencing the wider battle for Imperial succession. Although support for the Durius government has risen slightly since Patreus's intervention, the outcome is still very much in the balance.

The Federation are also active. After blockading Kappa Fornacis and then apparently sending Federal dropships in to bomb its Onionhead farms, President Halsey yesterday surprisingly sought to deny responsibility for the outrage - she suggested Admiral Vincent was acting without her authority.

27 December 3300 Edit

Shadow President Hudson Supports Navy Edit

In what is usually a quiet time for politics the Shadow President has given an interview to support Admiral Vincent.

"Our military forces have always operated independently of government. In fact some of the worst events in our long history were caused by political meddling in military matters. President Halsey is out of order to distance herself as she has. Our forces need to be able to enforce the law in far flung systems, and we should be pleased that they do so very well. It is clear that sometimes the law they are enforcing is the problem, and it is up to Halsey to change that."

If it is indeed the case that these actions took place without direct orders from the President it suggests a rift between the beleaguered President and her top Admiral.

Aisling Duval Speaks about Her Father Edit

For the first time Aisling Duval revealed a little of the state of mind of her father Harold, on "Late Night with Aaron Smith". He is no longer considered by many as heir to the throne, following the Emperor's formal declaration that he is not of sound mind.

"My father is a kind man. A gentle man. A thoughtful man. He has always loved parties, and some have criticised him for that. It has perhaps taken its toll on him too. He is only seventy, but does look a lot older now I'll admit, but that hasn't taken away his kindness.

His father has always disliked him, and that is something I can't understand. I suppose it is fair to say they dislike each other. I'm sure many of the things Harold said and did in his earlier years were to annoy Hengist, but rebelling against a parent is not such unusual behaviour for a youngster. Taking away his throne though is a spiteful act."

It is clear from the social media response to her comments that she has avoided the question of his sanity. More importantly it makes her claim to the throne more tenuous.

28 December 3300 Edit

Federal Shadow President Demands Conscription Edit

In the traditional speeches that mark the re-opening of Congress after the holiday, Congressman and Shadow President Zachary Hudson has outlined his views for the coming year.

In a long speech highly critical of his opponent President Halsey, the only new element was his criticism of Federal youth.

"We need to get the unemployed lazy youth of our core systems off their backsides. They need to get off their sims, and in to the real world to do something useful. We need to counter the Imperial threat. Let's get them into the Marines and the Navy. Let's spend our tax credits on protection, not sloth. The Navy never did me any harm."   

Senator Torval Blames Federal Agitators from Luluwala for Sorbago Rebellion Edit

Senator Torval has already blamed outside forces for the recently suppressed rebellion in Sorbago. Last night on the political debate panel show 'Question Everything' she went further.

"Yes, these are terrible events, but sometimes people are easily led. My forces have reported ships coming from Luluwala supplying guns to the rebels. It is completely unacceptable, especially when it is a Federal-backed system like this."

Many commentators have been surprised at Senator Torval openly accusing the Federation for the rebellion. When contacted a Federal embassy official dismissed the accusations as "nonsense".

29 December 3300 Edit

Federal President Announces Tax Rises in New Year Edit

In a move causing shockwaves throughout Federal space, President Halsey has announced Federal tax increases.

"I am sorry and I appreciate people are frustrated about this, but I have to announce further Federal tax rises. This is to cover our ever increasing welfare burden, and high military spending."

Federal taxation is already a problem throughout Federal space, and this squeeze where the frontier worlds are effectively supporting the rich core systems is causing unrest amongst the frontier states.

Commentators have suggested the Shadow President's speech yesterday was triggered by some inside knowledge or leak from the President's staff. Confidence ratings of the President are now at an all-time low.

Durius Fights Back Edit

The armed conflict between Senator Patreus’s Imperial forces and those of the impoverished Durius system continues.

Patreus is paying well for outside assistance, but an exhausted Governor Malachai has spoken out.

"What can we do? Our people are dying. We cannot pay even the interest on these crippling debts. Those irresponsible fools that accepted this money in the first place are long gone, but we are left to pick up the pieces. How can we ever hope to get out of this hell? 

I call on those independent governments out there like ours thinking of getting into debt with this evil Senator to think twice. We are forced to protect our homes because that is all we have left."

30 December 3300 Edit

Sanna in Bid to Leave Federation Edit

The Congressman for Sanna, Marcus Albertson, has given a speech to his own parliament in Sanna.

"Federal taxes are holding back our progress. We say we have democracy but what can we change? Our coffers are sucked dry by the Federation as they lord it over us. What do we get in return? We get one vote in Congress. One vote! We are powerless. I suggest we get no votes in Congress and keep our money and our freedom! I suggest we leave the Federation immediately!"

His speech was met by cheers, not just from his own party, but from the opposition too.

Aisling Duval Lashes out against Torval Edit

Aisling Duval provided a colourful outburst while discussing Senator Torval's home system Synteini on the lifestyle show 'Favourite Holidays'.

"Torval is a horrible, twisted old lady. We have no beggars or people going hungry on the streets as they are down her mines working their fingers to the bone, starving in private!"

Senator Torval, now back in Synteini for the holiday celebrations responded:

"I wouldn't set any store by her childish outbursts. She doesn't know what she is talking about. A happy New Year and Empire Day to all."

31 December 3300 Edit

Federal Shadow President Demands Lower Taxes Edit

In a statement Shadow President Hudson announced his sympathy for Sanna.

"Our taxes are crippling those we most need to help. We waste it on bureaucracy and the lazy. We should be supporting and protecting hard working States like Sanna."

It is understood a Federal Battlecruiser will be deployed some time in the New Year to provide a venue for discussions, and to help Sanna remain within the Federation.

Arissa Lavigny Gives Revealing Interview and Pledges Continuity with Blaine Edit

On the Imperial Herald political show, Arissa Lavigny gave a long and detailed interview, hinting that the Emperor's status was not as serious as some claimed.

"We've heard a lot of debate between the honourable Denton Patreus, Aisling Duval, and Zemina Torval, but we need to look at the Empire itself. We need continuity, not in-fighting. His Excellency Chancellor Anders Blaine has served my father well for over five decades. Soon my mother will finally marry my father, but rest assured if and when the time comes I will serve the Empire as best I can, and will bring continuity and stability."

Share prices on Imperial markets have already risen in pre-holiday trading.

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