Gaylen Trasken Duval
Character Placeholder
AllegianceEmpire vector Empire
Occupation11th Emperor
RelationsOlban Hensard Duval (father)
Atticus Obellan Duval (son)

Gaylen Trasken Duval was the 11th Emperor of the Empire from 2991 to 3061.[1]

Gaylen Trasken Duval's ascension was marked with chaotic celebrations in Achenar and Quince. Gaylen proved to be more prickly and temperamental than his predecessor, renewing hostilities in Alioth in 2994, and ruthlessly suppressing a Federation-backed coup in Ackwada in 2996.[2] His first act as Emperor was to expand the Imperial Palace on Capitol, hiring thousands of the galaxy's best designers and architects to create what is regarded as one of the great manufactured interstellar marvels of the modern age.[3]

The Emperor's passion for the arts and very high standards of living led to a rapid population increase and accompanying rise in prosperity in Imperial systems as people immigrated from independent, GalCop, and Federation worlds. To accommodate this population rise, Gaylen approved the construction of an Imperial settlement on Cemiess 2; this was Gaylen's last act before his death, and the terraforming of Cemiess 2 would not begin until 3080. Gaylen Trasken Duval died in 3061 at the age of 109.[4]


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