Geysers Alectrona 2 A

Body: Geysers in Alectrona 2 A

Geysers are vents in the surface of a planet or moon which have periodical eruptions of hot water and steam. They're rare on planets without atmospheres, but are present in the in-game galaxy. They don't always vent, because it takes time to build up pressure. This makes them hard to spot.

It's possible to propel an SRV into the air by sitting on top of a geyser. For example in this video an SRV jumps 13 km high at a geyser on Enceladus in Sol.

Locations Edit

These are some known locations with geysers.

  • 11 CEPHEI A1 A Coordinates: -33.2 -18.3
  • System: Sol, Planet Actaea, Coordinates: -6.1996/-23.1028
  • System: Toolfa, Body: Toolfa A 9 A, Coordinates: 22.0 (Top), -8.9 (Bottom)
  • Alectrona 2 A, Water Magma, 37.8749, 43.2371
  • BORR B5A, Coordinates: -19.39 -10.22
  • Cowini 14 B, Coordinates Top -38.9794 Bottom 100.2803 (water geyser)
  • BYOO BRE GF-R D4-9 4 B (silicate vapor geyser)
  • HIP 41191 2C, Coordinates: 71.2442 78.6442 (silicate vapor geyser)
  • Frey 4 B A, at -70.9406, 154.4929
  • Gbekree Ab 3 B A -22,79 / -99,07

Gallery Edit

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