Gilya Signature Weapons
ClassificationRare Commodity
Galactic Average Price13,038 CR
Rare allocation9 t
Produced by---
Consumed by---
LocationBell Orbital, Gilya

Leave your own personal mark with these highly customisable weapons, a speciality of the Gilya system. Leave no doubt about who put your victim to rest when using a Gilya Signature weapon. Illegal but highly prized in many jurisdictions. Being disarmed of your signature weapon is considered the greatest of humiliations.

— In-Game Description

Gilya Signature Weapons are a type of rare weapon in the world of Elite Dangerous. They are a rare commodity, so increase in value the further you take them from their point of purchase.

Gilya Signature Weapons are currently available once again in the Gilya system, after a civil war overthrew the Gilya Vision Organisation who had banned them. Gilya Signature Weapons were back on the market when the Gilya Law Party took control of the Bell Orbital.