Controlling FactionNobles of Girawa

Girawa is an independent star system with a refinery economy.

System Layout Edit

Minor factions Edit

Nobles of Girawa Edit

Influence (30.10. 2015) 61% ▲

A faction which has build up a significiant sphere of influence in the sector through the series of investments and acquisitions. As such they are able to use their porfolio of assets as leverage against local leader.

— Minor faction description

Lords of Girawa is controlling faction of Girawa at the moment.

Girawa Partnership Edit

Influence (30.10. 2016) 10%

A faction that, in conjuction with a number of similarly alligned organisations, promotes their agenda by manipulating the application of capital being channeled to local bussines and social ventures.

— Minor faction description

Girawa Vision Interstellar Edit

Influence (30. 10. 2015) 16% ▼

An independent business organisation that has incorporated with its respective home government.

— Minor faction description

Hand Gang of Girawa Edit

Influence (30. 10. 2015) 9%

This group is known for have a disdain to any laws outside of its own attempts to govern its members behaviour.

— Minor faction description

System objects Edit

Girawa Edit

Class M star Age: 4,354 million years Solar Masses: 0,2656 Solar Radius: 0,4536 First discovered by: Ceolon

— In-game description

Girawa 1 Edit

Ice world composed mainly of water ice. Earth masses: 0,7932 Radius: 7,262Km Orbital period: 75,6 D Semi major axis: 0,23 AU Orbital eccentricity: 0,0010 Orbital inclination: -0,05 DEG Arg of periapsis: 136,74 DEG Rotational period: 75,9 (Tidally locked) Axial tilt: 20,19 DEG First discovered by: Ceolon

— In-game description