Gutamaya Corporation is a manufacturer of ships and equipment in the galaxy. They specialize in producing combat and multipurpose ships. Currently, Gutamaya Corporation is the primary supplier of ships for the Imperial Navy. Their ships are known for their stylish design and typically white colouration.


Name Status Image
Gu-97 Flyable GU-97 Fighter
Imperial Clipper Flyable EliteDangerous32 2015-07-17 12-49-39-01
Imperial Courier Flyable Imperial-Courier zpschq7esel
Imperial Cutter Flyable Cutter view
Imperial Eagle Flyable Imperial Eagle in-game
Majestic Class Interdictor Non-Flyable Majestic-Class-Interdictor-INV-Achenar's-Might

Other ProductsEdit

Name Status Image
Ocellus Starports Station OcellusStation 001


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