This one is a small modification, but since your existence in Elite: Dangerous (at least for now) is locked solely within your cockpit, its effects are quite profound. Elite’s standard HUD colours are based on their signature “star” orange tint, with varying shades to discern between different sections.[1]

Now, as much as I like the colour orange, I’d much prefer a different set of bling in my cockpit. The problem is however is that there’s no way to change this within the game. That’s not a problem though, as the answer, like many, lies within the games ini files.

Arkku HUD Color Theme Editor

Arkku HUD color theme editor

Before you begin quivering in your boots about breaking the game as you tinker with its guts, don’t worry. A nice commander by the name of Arkku has made a nice little webpage which not only lets you tinker with recolouring the HUD beforehand, but explains what exactly you need to do. Just find the HUD colours that you like, then copy the text in the left hand box into the stated location within the xml file. Job done.[2]

References Edit

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