Harold Duval
Character Placeholder
StatusAlive. Declared not of sound mind
AllegianceEmpire vector Empire
RelationsHengist Duval - (Father)
Arissa Lavigny-Duval - (Half-sister)
Aisling Duval - (Daughter)
Prince Harold Duval is a member of the Imperial Family. He was the heir apparent to the Imperial Throne, but his father Hengist Duval declared him not of sound mind. He made a name for himself as a feckless playboy.[1] Harold has a legacy of leading a hedonistic life. He is the half-brother of Arissa Lavigny-Duval. Harold's eldest child is Aisling Duval.[2]

In 3299, a scurrilous news feed claimed that his father Hengist Duval referred to his son in private as: "The little idiot is utterly bonkers. He couldn't find his own bottom with both hands" thereafter this was denied to have been said.[3]

On 19 December 3300 late Emperor Hengist Duval issued a formal decree in the Senate that Harold Duval was not of sound mind. It was rumored to be due to Harold's psychological issues. This meant he was no longer considered as heir to the throne.[3]

On 27 December 3300 Following the Emperor's formal declaration, Aisling Duval spoke about her father Harold on "Late Night with Aaron Smith." She avoided the question of his sanity till then. Aisling claimed that Hengist always disliked Harold, that rebelling against a parent as a youngster is not unusual behaviour and taking away Harold's throne was a spiteful act.[4]

"My father is a kind man. A gentle man. A thoughtful man. He has always loved parties, and some have criticised him for that. It has perhaps taken its toll on him too. He is only seventy, but does look a lot older now I'll admit, but that hasn't taken away his kindness.[4]

His father has always disliked him, and that is something I can't understand. I suppose it is fair to say they dislike each other. I'm sure many of the things Harold said and did in his earlier years were to annoy Hengist, but rebelling against a parent is not such unusual behaviour for a youngster. Taking away his throne though is a spiteful act."[4]


19 DEC 3300

  • Declared "not sound of mind" by his father, Hengist Duval. This meant that there was no longer a clear successor to the throne.[5][3]


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