Harold Duval
Character Placeholder
StatusMentally Ill
AllegianceEmpire vector Empire
RelationsHengist Duval - (Father)
Aisling Duval - (Daughter)

Harold Duval is a member of the Imperial family. He was the heir of the late Emperor Hengist Duval. Harold made a name for himself as a feckless playboy.[1]

In 3299, a scurrilous news feed claimed that his father Hengist Duval referred to his son in private as: "The little idiot is utterly bonkers. He couldn't find his own bottom with both hands."[2]

Harold Duval's psychological issues made him an unsuitable successor to the imperial throne.


19 DEC 3300

  • Declared "not sound of mind" by his father, Hengist Duval. This meant that there was no longer a clear successor to the throne.[3]


  3. Heir to the Throne Officially Mad

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