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Hengist Duval
Character Placeholder
AllegianceEmpire vector Empire
RelationsHesketh Duval (father)
Harold Duval (son)
Arissa Lavigny-Duval (daughter)
Florence Lavigny (fiancée)
Aisling Duval (granddaughter)

Hengist Duval was the Emperor of the Empire. He was born in 3163, and crowned Emperor in 3233 following the death of his father Hesketh Duval.[1]

Hengist Duval was assassinated on his wedding day in 3301,[2] where he was intending to marry Florence Lavigny. He was succeeded by their daughter, Arissa Lavigny-Duval.[3]


23 AUG 3301

  • Chancellor Anders Blaine announced that Brendan Paul Darius, the man who killed the Emperor, was not working alone. An investigation into the retaliatory murders of Darius's family had discovered encrypted data files, which revealed the existence of an "ultra-traditionalist movement" named Emperor's Dawn.[4]

05 AUG 3301

  • News spread that Emperor Hengist Duval was attacked by a high ranking official during the wedding ceremony. The assailant was killed.[5]
  • Chancellor Blaine confirmed that the Emperor died en route to a medical facility after being stabbed by a member of the congregation. The Chancellor wouldn't provide details about the attacker.[2]

04 AUG 3301

  • Street parties throughout the Empire and grand events in Capitol marked the eve of the wedding. From the Federation, Shadow President Felicia Winters was attending, but President Zachary Hudson had declined, sending only the Secretary of External Affairs to represent the Federation, in what some saw as a slight that may have an effect on future Empire/Federation relations.[6]

29 JUL 3301

  • In an alleged secret recording of a conversation with one of her aides, Princess Aisling Duval questioned the convenience of the Emperor's recovery and the motives of Senator Blaine and others close to the Emperor. An aide of Senator Blaine said an investigation would be carried out. Aisling Duval said the recording was clearly a fabrication and that she would never say "the despicable things portrayed in this horrid fantasy."

How is this possible? Am I not the most beloved person in the Empire? This is clear manoeuvring to make sure that Arissa becomes the heir. I can see her annoyingly haughty expression now. That Blaine thinks she will let him carry on doing what he wants.

— Alleged recording of Princess Aisling Duval[7]

28 JUL 3301

  • The date for the wedding had been postponed to the 5th August. When asked by the Imperial Herald whether she were now next in line to the throne, Arissa Lavigny-Duval replied "We are only days from the Emperor returning to the public stage. Trying to debate about what might occur if he were to die in these intervening days is both rude and disrespectful of our Emperor. I look forward to many years in service of Emperor Hengist Duval in whatever capacity he deems appropriate." The live online audience booed the commentator and applauded her response.[8]

24 JUL 3301

  • Dignitaries started arriving on Capitol for the wedding.[9]

22 JUL 3301

  • The Office for the Emperor announced that Hengist Duval's wedding to Florence Lavigny would take place midday on Wednesday 29th July.[10]

18 JUL 3301

  • Hengist Duval appeared before the Senate, seeming frail but his voice firm as he made a speech that covered a variety of topics.

We live in times that hold great promise for our beloved Empire. The uncertainty of the past months has weakened our resolve and this cannot be allowed to continue. For too long some leaders of our society have vied against each other and squandered resources over a matter which will be guided by tradition. As Emperor it is my duty to ensure the success of the Empire and its continuation long into the future. To that end the previously announced marriage with my good friend Florence Lavigny will proceed at the earliest opportunity. As the wedding has already been announced we will not have to wait the customary thirty days to conduct the ceremony, but we will still give time for wellwishers to attend. Preparations are in the process of being finalised and will be announced by the middle of next week.

— Emperor Hengist Duval, expert from speech.[11]

14 JUL 3301

  • Chancellor Blaine declared, in a surprise statement on the steps of the Imperial Palace, that Emperor Hengist Duval had awoken from his coma early that morning. His physicians had declared him on his way to becoming fit and healthy, and had advised a few days rest and monitoring. Hengist intended to lead the Senate in a few days time.[12]

20 JUN 3301

  • Chancellor Blaine announced that the Emperor "has begun to show signs of returning to good health".[13]

01 APR 3301

  • An attempt to end the Emperor's life by tampering with his medication was foiled. Who had carried out the attack was unknown.[14]

14 MAR 3301

  • Chancellor Blaine refused to release the Emperor's medical records, saying "As has always been the case, for reasons of national security his Majesty’s medical records are only accessible by the Emperor’s personal physicians." He would continue to act in the Emperor's stead, and would tell the Senate if the situation changed.[15]

12 MAR 3301

  • Senator Denton Patreus called on Chancellor Blaine to release the Emperor's medical records, calling the situation "untenable".

How long are we expected to simply accept that Emperor Hengist is on the road to recovery? It’s been months now and there’s been no sign of the Emperor making a recovery of any kind. For the sake of the entire Empire, we need to know whether or not Emperor Hengist is ever going to be able to reclaim the throne. If Emperor Hengist really is getting better, then Chancellor Blaine should release the Emperor’s medical records to show the Senate that there is nothing to worry about. If not, we need to establish what needs to be done to secure our citizens’ future.

— Senator Denton Patreus, in an address to the Imperial Senate[16]

23 JAN 3301

  • There was public outcry over the delay of the marriage, with one Patron saying Chancellor Blaine and the other members of the Imperial Palace had been pretending everything was okay in order to grab scraps of power.[17]

22 JAN 3301

  • The wedding delay was changed to an indefinite postponement. This was seen as a significant blow to Arissa Lavigny's claim the throne.[18]

21 JAN 3301

  • Chancellor Anders Blaine announced that there would be a delay to the start of the wedding festivities, as Emperor Hengist Duval remained too unwell to participate, but that hopefully the delay would just be a few days.[19]

20 JAN 3301

  • The Marriage Council found that Aisling Duval's objection had no merit. Aisling was not pleased with this.[20]

19 JAN 3301

  • In the first Senate session of the new year, Senator Denton Patreus asked how long the Emperor would be in a coma before they addressed the issue of succession. The Senate agreed to review the situation at their next session.[21]

18 JAN 3301

  • Chancellor Blaine announced that Hengist Duval's sickness had worsened, and that he had fallen into a coma. As the Emperor's Chancellor, Blaine would take over the day to day running of the Empire.[22]

17 JAN 3301

  • Rumours circulated that the Emperor's condition was far worse than had been admitted, and that he had perhaps even died.[23]

16 JAN 3301

  • Preparations for the wedding continued on Capitol in Achenar. Imperial Senators and leaders of Empire-friendly independent systems started arriving.[24]

15 JAN 3301

  • Aisling Duval lodged an objection to the Emperor's marriage plans with the Office for Marriage. This would trigger a hearing of the Marriage Council within the next few days.

I have lodged a formal objection to my grandfather marrying his fancy woman not for love, not for marriage itself, but to change the succession without having to appear in the Senate. That’s all I’ve got to say at this time.

— Statement made by Princess Aisling Duval[25]

09 JAN 3301

  • Arissa Lavigny showed the plans for Hengist Duval and Florence Lavigny's wedding, which was planned for the 22nd of January. The President and Shadow President of the Federation were invited, but many expected them to politely decline. The news that the wedding was going ahead had a positive effect on Imperial markets, as it gave the impression that the Emperor's illness was not at bad as some had thought.[26]

22 DEC 3300

  • Announced that he was to be married to Florence Lavigny. This would make their daughter, Arissa Lavigny, next in line to the throne.[27]

19 DEC 3300

  • Made an appearance in the Senate to issue a decree that his son, Harold Duval was not sound of mind. This decree meant that there was no longer a clear successor to the throne.[28]

Early 3300

  • Hengist fell ill with a sickness that would worsen as the year progressed. He remained in seclusion, with only occasional visits to the Senate.[1]


  • Following the death of Hesketh Duval, Hengist Duval assumed the throne. The Senate had been growing in power during his father's long illness, which meant there were significant tensions around the succession.[1]


  • Hengist Duval was born a few days before the death of his grandfather, Hender Saik Duval. Their similarity in looks and manner in Hengist's later years were such that some claim Hender's spirit had already passed to him.[1]


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Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Hesketh Duval Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval

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