Henson Duval
Character Placeholder
AllegianceEmpire vector Empire
RelationsMarlin Duval (sister)

Henson Duval was the first Emperor and founder of the Empire.

After his sister Marlin Duval died in a speeder crash, Henson assumed control and changed the idealistic democratic rule of the colony with elected Senators who represented the people in Achenar, to an elective monarchy with imperial succession. This became the heart of a galactic superpower, the Empire.[1]

Henson's dream of the Empire was fulfilled when he announced the leadership of the colony and affiliated systems would be passed down from father to son.

Due to population growth, other planets in the Achenar system needed to be terraformed in 2314. Henson Duval authorised the sterilization of Achenar 6d in preparation for terraforming. This caused the extinction of the indigenous sentient species of Achenar. Henson ignored Federal decrees and contacted nearby systems to convert them to the Empire.[2]

The Federation sent a sizeable fleet to Achenar, but found they had underestimated him, because he had commissioned an impressive and deadly battle fleet with dedicated warships and defence platforms. The multi-role Federal ships were outnumbered and outgunned.[3]

After this victory, nearby systems gladly gave their allegiance to the Empire.

Henson Duval was succeeded by his son Harlan Duval.


Preceded by Title Succeeded by
None Emperor Others, eventually Hender Saik Duval

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