Highliner Antares shipwreck

The Highliner Antares was an experimental Sirius Corporation passenger liner which went missing during its maiden flight in 3251.[1] It was testing a new type of hyperspace drive.

In December 3301, a new search for the vessel started.[2] It resulted in the recovery of the wreckage of the Antares.[3]

History Edit

"In 3251 the Antares, a technologically revolutionary passenger liner designed and built by the Sirius Corporation, disappeared during its first hyperspace jump. In 3301 Li Yong-Rui, CEO of Sirius Corporation's governmental division, launched a search for the ship. Sirius Corporation confirmed discovery of the ship's remains in 3302."[4]


13 JAN 3302

  • Li Yong-Rui announced that the search had resulted in the recovery of the wreckage of the Antares.

The wreckage appears to confirm that the component failure described in the ship's final status report did indeed result in the destruction of the Antares. My hope is that by subjecting the wreckage to further analysis, we will be able to determine exactly what caused the malfunction and apply this knowledge to the development of new safety protocols. With luck, we will be able to reintroduce the innovative drive technology used aboard the Antares. This discovery could serve as the catalyst for a whole new era of interplanetary travel.

— Li Yong-Rui[3]

22 DEC 3301

Since the Antares was lost 50 years ago, there have been great advances in scanning technology, and we believe it may now be possible to find the remains of the ship. We are inviting every pilot in the galaxy to deliver wreckage components to our research base at Davy Dock in the Procyon system. Once we have accumulated enough material, we will subject the debris to comprehensive analysis to determine its origin. With luck, not only will we find the remains of the Antares, we will be able to determine her fate.

— Li Yong-Rui[2]


  • The Sirius Corporation vessel known as the Highliner Antares disappeared during its maiden flight in the Sirius system. It was the first ship to use a production version of a new type of hyperdrive. When attempting a hyperspace jump it experienced a simultaneous explosion and mis-jump. The final report concluded that the most likely cause was that a part in the drive had failed just before the jump. No wreckage from the vessel was found. This led to considerable speculation and many conspiracy theories concerning what actually occurred.[2][1]


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