I Sola Prospect
Station typePlanetary Outpost
FactionHutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative
FacilitiesMarket - Blackmarket - Outfitting - Restock - Refuel - Shipyard - Repair
Trade data
EconomiesHigh Tech, Colony
ImportsTrade Data, Prototype Tech (USS Cargo), Technical Blueprints (USS Cargo)
ExportsHydrogen Fuel, Imperial Slaves, Limpet
ProhibitedNarcotics, Tobacco, Combat Stabilisers, Slaves, Personal Weapons, Battle Weapons, Toxic Waste, Landmines

i Sola Prospect is a planetary outpost on planet Brestla A 1 in the Brestla system which has all modules and ships in stock. It has a 20% price increase to compensate. This was achieved with the community goal 'Campaign to Develop i Sola Prospect'.[1]

Timeline Edit

28 JAN 3302

  • "Developing i Sola Prospect will mean that every type of weapon, ship and component needed to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience is always available. Naturally this will also be a huge boon to the galactic community." If the campaign is successful, i Sola Prospect will become the first planetary outpost to boast a complete range of services, including a comprehensive shipyard.[2]

References Edit


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