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Not to be confused with The Hunter.
Imperial Fighter
Faction Specific
Default version
Dimensions6.5L - 14.9W - 2.2H m
TypeTiny Fighter
Top Speed312 m/s
Boost Speed540 m/s
Manoeuvrability78 deg/s pitch
Shields15 MJ
Cargo Capacity0 t
Unladen Jump Range0 ly
Landing Pad SizeFighter Hangar
Hardpoints1x Utility Mount
2x Small Hardpoints

In September, Gutamaya Shipyards released a new version of the enduringly popular Eagle. This month, the company has announced the launch of a new fighter designed specifically for the CQC Championship – the Imperial Fighter. Gutamaya has said that the small, manoeuvrable vessel will be ideally suited to close-quarters dogfights, and more than capable of going toe-to-toe with other CQC fighters.

— Galnet News, 06 DEC 3301

[1]The Imperial Fighter, also known as the Gu-97 Fighter, is the standard Empire fighter. It is as noted for its high manoeuvrability and firepower as it is for its low shielding and range. It is typically launched as support craft for an imperial cruiser, and is useless on its own if outflanked or outnumbered. It is most commonly seen in conflict zones which include an imperial faction, or patrolling space stations in imperial territory.

The Imperial Fighter is currently accessible in Close Quarters Combat and with the release of Elite Dangerous: Horizons 2.2 "The Guardians" update, the Imperial Fighter is a Ship-Launched Fighter that can be deployed from a Fighter Hangar module.

The Imperial Fighter can be purchased in Empire systems only, but can be restocked in any system.


The Imperial Fighter is available in 5 variants, which differ only in weapons and utility slot. F-variants have fixed weapons and G-variants have gimballed weapons.

Variant Weapons Utility Damage Per Second Speed [Boost] (m/s) Pitch / Roll / Yaw Rate (deg/s) Cost (CR)
Aegis F 2x fixed pulse laser Point Defence Turret 44 312 [540] 78 / 144 / 36 15,270
Rogue F 2x fixed plasma repeater Chaff Launcher 36 312 [540] 78 / 144 / 36 15,270
Gelid G 2x gimballed beam laser Heat Sink Launcher 25 312 [540] 78 / 144 / 36 15,270
Rogue G 2x gimballed pulse laser Chaff Launcher 12 312 [540] 78 / 144 / 36 15,270
Gelid F 2x fixed beam laser Heat Sink Launcher 45 312 [540] 78 / 144 / 36 15,270

* This is the cost to initially outfit a Fighter Hangar bay for that fighter type/variant, or to change it to a different fighter type/variant. The cost to restock destroyed fighters is 1,030 CR each.[2]


  • The Imperial Fighter is not only the most maneuverable of the three Ship-Launched Fighters, it is the most maneuverable ship in the game.


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