Imperial Hammer Rail Gun

A burst variant of the rail gun [sic] that sacrifices per shot damage to achieve a three round burst that overall is more effective.

— In-Game Description

The Imperial Hammer is a multi-shot Railgun that benefits from a higher DPS compared to its normal counterpart. This weapon type is power-specific for Arissa Lavigny-Duval supporters.

Similarly to a standard Railgun, the damage type is Thermic Kinetic. It has an ammo clip size of 3 and maximum ammo of 240. The standard B2 railgun has a clip size of 1 and max. ammo of 80. Therefore since the Imperial Hammer fires 3 rounds at a time, it is effectively exactly the same amount of ammo.


This weapon can be purchased once the player has pledged their allegiance to Arissa Lavigny-Duval for 4 or more weeks and has achieved a rating of rank 3 or higher.


Class Rating Mass
Integrity Power
Damage Armour
ROF DPS Thermal
Clip Size
2 B 4.00 A 1.630 Fixed Thermic Kinetic 5 A 0.6 5 3 3 90

Notes Edit

  • Though it only does 5 damage, that is per shot, equaling 15 damage for triggering
  • The heat is per shot, so 1 trigger's thermal load is actually 9

Gallery Edit

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