The Imperial Internal Security Service (IISS) are responsible for domestic security throughout the Empire.[1] Their ships, with the identifier Internal Security Service, conduct security patrols and law enforcement in all Empire systems. They also investigate criminal and terrorist organisations such as Emperor's Dawn.[2]

The Imperial Internal Security Service (or IISS "Double I, Double S") reports directly to the Emperor and unlike other police units has jurisdiction throughout the Empire.[3]

In some respects they act as a counter balance to the Imperial Navy and have the authority to investigate any individual, unit or organisation. They operate in quite a secretive fashion as the nature of their investigations tend to be for corruption or abuse of power, and they are generally feared, as by some they are seen as unaccountable. It has, from time to time, been associated with espionage within the Empire. They act on behalf of the Emperor and that is their allegiance. They do the Emperor's bidding. On occasion that has been to investigate the IDC.[3]

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04 MAY 3304

  • Findings caused the IISS taskforce to widen the investigation to uncover the League of Reparation and eradicate it before it can commit further atrocities. Captain Seutonia announced that the IISS was coordinating with the Federation and Alliance to track down the League of Reparation to protect other INRA descendants.[6]

20 APR 3304

  • Captain Niamh Seutonia of the Imperial Internal Security Service said the IISS believed this crime was connected to the recent rediscovery of INRA outposts. "Our working hypothesis is that the motive was revenge, driven by perceived misconduct on the part of both the INRA and Cartesius's ancestor."[7]


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