Imperial Slaves
Galactic Average Price15,967 CR
Produced byAgriculture
Consumed byAll

Slavery is an important part of Imperial Society, providing labour for the Empire and a safety net for its citizens. Many Imperials will choose to sell themselves into a fixed period of slavery than face the embarrassment and dishonour of living with a debt.

— In-Game Description

Note: Imperial Slaves are illegal in most systems outside of the Empire.

Imperial Slaves is a specific item of Slavery in the galaxy. They are legal across most of the Empire, but export of Imperial Slaves outside the Empire is restricted by order of the Senate.[1]

Lore Edit

Imperial slavery is opposed by Stop Slavery Stupid, a non-government charitable organization supported by Aisling Duval.[2]

Note that there is a difference between Imperial Slaves and Slaves. Imperial Slaves are people who willingly enter into indentured servitude to pay off their debts, and are granted the rights and protection of Imperial citizens, and are not chattel property.

They are often Imperial citizens seeking social mobility or supporting their families. Thus, unlike slaves, Imperial Slaves having free will and self determination as does any Imperial citizen cannot be 'stopped' or 'freed' as they will willingly return to their employment choice. It is often on these grounds that opposition to Aisling Duval's anti-slavery agenda is raised.

Real World Comparison Edit

Imperial slavery is actually indentured servitude. They contract themselves out for a predetermined amount of time to earn money to pay off their debt that they couldn't otherwise clear.[3] Imperial slaves have basic human rights, but substantially less freedom than regular Imperial citizens. Unregulated slavery is illegal in the Empire.

As with other parallels between the Empire and ancient Rome, Imperial slavery appears to be based on slavery in ancient Rome, including debt slavery.


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