Imperial Slaves
Galactic Average Price16,485 CR
Produced by---
Consumed by---

Slavery is an important part of Imperial Society, providing labour for the Empire and a safety net for its citizens. Many Imperials will choose to sell themselves into a fixed period of slavery than face the embarrassment and dishonour of living with a debt.

— In-Game Description

ALERT: Imperial Slaves are illegal in most systems outside of the Empire.

Imperial Slaves is a specific item of Slavery in the world of Elite Dangerous. They are legal across most of the Empire, but export of slaves outside the Empire is restricted by order of the Senate[1]. Imperial slavery is currently opposed by Stop Slavery Stupid, a non-government organization supported by Aisling Duval[2].

Remember, there is a difference between Imperial Slaves and Slaves.


  • Use EDDB to find the nearest system with this commodity.
  • As with other parallels between the Empire and Ancient Rome, Imperial slavery appears to be based on ancient Roman slavery, including debt slavery.



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