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Tourist Installation near a neutron star

Installations have various purposes in the galactic community. They are located in many places of the galaxy. Horizons update 2.3 adds additional installations.[1]

Installation Types Edit

The known installation types are:

  • Medical
  • Space Bar
  • Space Farm
  • Government
  • Security Station
  • Military
  • Agricultural

Features Edit

Frontier confirmed that gameplay features with installations will come at a later date. Lead Game Designer Steve Kirby said these things are implemented in stages. They want the installations and other locations to be fleshed out with more meaningful interactions and links to other areas of the game. Such as more reason to visit these locations and more meaningful actions to do when you are there.[2]

The Space Bar installation indicates that we can dock and walk around there in a future update.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. 2.3 The Commanders Beta - Changelog
  2. Locations Feedback Thread and Lead Games Designer Steve Kirby

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