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Interdiction at LHS 417 0223

Interdiction ALERT!


Security forces scanning for illicit cargo


Security forces scanning for criminal status


A pirate scanning for cargo in LHS 3262

Interdiction is a term for when a ship is intercepted by another vessel during supercruise mode. When a ship is interdicted, it starts a small minigame, where the ship being interdicted must fly towards an escape vector to run away. The interdictor must follow the ship and try to fill up its progress bar against the efforts of the interdicted player, or they will simply fail and the person will get away. The interdicted may choose to submit to interdiction by lowering throttle to zero, resulting in a much shorter Frame Shift Drive (FSD) cooldown and no heat or hull damage compared to forced interdiction.

Upon successfully interdicting, the person who was interdicted drops out of supercruise mode into normal flight mode taking a amount of small heat damage and their FSD now requiring a long cooldown. Interdictions can be caused by System Authority Vessels, Bounty Hunters, Pirates, and other players.

System Authority Vessels will generally interdict only to scan for criminal status (Bounties) and activities (Illegal Goods/Stolen Goods). If either scan turns out positive then they will begin to open fire on your ship otherwise they will send you a message to continue on your way.

When Bounty Hunters interdict you they will generally scan your ship to determine your criminal status and if their scan reveals a bounty they will open fire.

Pirates currently act in one of three ways when they interdict you. Either they will open fire immediately in hopes that you will jettison cargo, they will send you a message instructing you to "Give up your cargo or die!", or they will scan your cargo before demanding you jettison it. The end goal for the pirates is to relieve you of your cargo and they do not generally care if you live or die in the process. The more honorable of pirates however tends to try to spare your life unless they feel the need to do otherwise.


  • Frame Shift Drive Interdictor introduced which allows players to interdict other ships. (Beta 3)
  • Ships will take more damage when interdicting at higher speeds than lower speeds. This damage also happens to the interdictor.[citation needed]
  • If the person who is being interdicted has their throttle at zero or near zero, they will automatically be interdicted with no minigame, heat, or hull damage

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