INRA - Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm

The Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm, commonly known as INRA, was a clandestine paramilitary organization established as a joint Federal-Imperial initiative in the 3100's. While little is publicly known about INRA, surviving reports from the time indicate it was created to address Thargoid incursions, and that it later developed a chemical weapon to disable Thargoid technology.[1]

In its heyday, INRA was viewed by the public as a symbol of altruism and cooperation, proof of what the superpowers could achieve when they set aside their differences to work together. Behind this optimistic facade, INRA was an unaccountable organization focused solely on progress at any cost, making bigger and more powerful weapons.[2]

INRA was disbanded sometime in the mid-3200's after Mic Turner, one of the Alliance's co-founders, disappeared.[3]


Few records of INRA activities have survived by the 3300's, but they and the Galactic Cooperative are known to have played a major role in the first conflict against the Thargoids, which ended in 3151.[4][1]

Project MycoidEdit


INRA base Hollis Gateway

During much of the war, humanity was unable to counter the Thargoids' highly advanced weaponry, but INRA's research into Thargoid technology at Hollis Gateway eventually yielded an accidental discovery. A junior researcher looking into the agricultural applications of Thargoid tech noted the deleterious effects of a certain type of fungus on it. The researcher reported his find to INRA leadership, going over the head of his dismissive superior, Chief Researcher Bexley Prince.[1][5] INRA's interest was piqued and they ran with the research, later developing the fungus into a bioweapon known as "mycoid" despite the junior researcher's ethical qualms.[2]

The mycoid weapon was taken to Klatt Enterprises in Alnath for testing. It was hoped that the superweapon could be used to attack Thargoid hyperdrives and incapacitate them, stopping the Thargoids from traveling and ending the war in a single stroke. Test results on both Thargoid technology and two captured Thargoid specimens confirmed that the mycoid was debilitating to both, causing paralysis and extensive degeneration. At this point, several researchers left the project in protest over the use of the living specimens for weapon experimentation, but others considered it a moral obligation to use the bioweapon to prevent a catastrophic loss of human life at the hands of the Thargoids.[6]

With its effectiveness beyond doubt, mycoid was then mass-produced at multiple INRA facilities, such as Mayes Chemical Plant in HIP 59382, before being shipped to Hogan Depot in HIP 7158 for storage and subsequent distribution to various additional sites.[7][8]

One of those sites was Velasquez Medical Research Center in LP 389-95, where a vaccine for mycoid was produced. Although the vaccine could not reverse damage already caused by mycoid, it could completely halt the weapon's spread and prevent further damage. When the vaccine was completed, the facility was shut down, with the staff relocated and all research removed.[9]


At some point, the mycoid weapon was finally deployed against the Thargoids, and is believed to have crippled or killed them to the point that they were forced to retreat from human space in 3151. INRA was later disbanded in the mid-3200's and faded from history.[3]


INRA returned to the spotlight on October 9, 3303, when an abandoned INRA base named Hollis Gateway was discovered on the surface of Hermitage 4 A.[10] Corroded storage tanks on the base's grounds are marked "Warning: Mycohazard", and have leaked a substance that could be the mycoid bioweapon itself.[11] Five additional INRA bases that were also part of the mycoid production chain were later discovered.[10][12][9]

Identified PersonnelEdit

  • Bexley Prince - Chief Researcher at Hollis Gateway
  • Trystan Law - INRA Corporate Liaison
  • Jarah Cook - Original Site Manager at Mayes Chemical Planet (reassigned)
  • Elgii Sung - Replacement Site Manager at Mayes Chemical Plant
  • Kiona Li - Senior Medical Officer at Velasquez Medical Research Center

Known INRA BasesEdit

Base Name System Planet Surface
Role Notes
Hollis Gateway Hermitage 4 A -53.75, 157.61 Thargoid tech research, site of the mycoid discovery Discovered by CMDRs EfilOne, Yuksarr, Alex Ringess, and Klingsor on October 9, 3303[12]
Stuart Retreat HIP 15329 A 3 C -62.61, -44.26 INRA whistleblower's final posting Discovered by CMDR Syleo on October 15, 3303[12]
Klatt Enterprises Alnath A2 A A 4.018, 133.54 Mycoid testing on captured subjects and tech Discovered by CMDR Isaiah Evanson on October 15, 3303[12]
Mayes Chemical Plant HIP 59382 1 B 11.41, 177.06 Mycoid production center Discovered by CMDR EfilOne on October 15, 3303[12]
Hogan Depot HIP 7158 A 2 B -44.63, -63.79 Mycoid storage and distribution center Discovered by CMDR EfilOne on October 15, 3303[12]
Velasquez Medical Research Center LP 389-95 7 57.96, 50.03 Mycoid vaccine research Discovered by CMDR Solderkiller on October 16, 3303[13]

Timeline Edit


  • There are unconfirmed suggestions that a covert war started with the Thargoids by a trigger-happy fleet commander.[14]


  • After a series of peace talks, the Empire and Federation agreed to form a special joint task force whose official purpose was research and development of spacecraft and space living technology. It was named Intergalactic Naval Research Arm, or INRA for short.[15]


  • The Existence of the INRA was officially announced by the Federation and Empire and the INRA Attack Wing was created. Citizens of both superpowers were encouraged to enlist to help stave off the Thargoid invasion.


  • Maximillian Weaver left the INRA under suspicious circumstances.[15]


  • The INRA was victorious by deploying bioweapons which caused the Thargoids to retreat from human occupied space. There were accusations that the INRA committed genocide on the Thargoids. The report was dismissed as a conspiracy theory by leading political leaders.[14]


  • The INRA disbanded sometime in the mid-3200's after Mic Turner disappeared.[3]
  • Records indicate that the Thargoid retreat became known as due to a human-engineered ‘Mycoid’ virus which impacted their hyperdrive (Frame Shift Drive) rendering it useless. The virus attacked plastic polymers in the system and there are indications that the Thargoids were also impacted, as their exoskeletons were composed of polymer like material. This report was dismissed as a conspiracy theory by political leaders.[14]
  • During the aftermath The Club suppressed as much information about the Thargoids as possible to the point of it becoming a myth among the public.[3]


  • In the original Elite games, INRA was formed by the Empire and Federation as a special joint task force. Its official purpose was to research and develop spacecraft and space living technology. It led covert operations against a Thargoid invasion of human occupied space and was victorious by 3200.




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