INRA - Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm

The Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm, commonly known as INRA, was a clandestine paramilitary organization. It was formed by the Empire and Federation as a special joint task force. Its official purpose was to research and develop spacecraft and space living technology.

The INRA operated seemingly beyond the jurisdiction of the Federation and the Empire. It lead covert operations against a Thargoid invasion of human occupied space and was victorious by 3200. The INRA disbanded after Mic Turner disappeared around 3250.[1]

Timeline Edit


  • There are unconfirmed suggestions that a covert war started with the Thargoids by a trigger-happy fleet commander.[2]


  • After a series of peace talks, the Empire and Federation agreed to form a special joint task force whose official purpose was research and development of spacecraft and space living technology. It was named Intergalactic Naval Research Arm, or INRA for short.[3]


  • The Existence of the INRA was officially announced by the Federation and Empire and the INRA Attack Wing was created. Citizens of both superpowers were encouraged to enlist to help stave off the Thargoid invasion.


  • Maximillian Weaver left the INRA under suspicious circumstances.[3]


  • The INRA was victorious by deploying bioweapons which caused the Thargoids to retreat from human occupied space. There were accusations that the INRA committed genocide on the Thargoids. The report was dismissed as a conspiracy theory by leading political leaders.[2]


  • The INRA disbanded sometime in the mid-3200's after Mic Turner disappeared.[1]
  • Records indicate that the Thargoid retreat became known as due to a human-engineered ‘Mycoid’ virus which impacted their hyperdrive (Frame Shift Drive) rendering it useless. The virus attacked plastic polymers in the system and there are indications that the Thargoids were also impacted, as their exoskeletons were composed of polymer like material. This report was dismissed as a conspiracy theory by political leaders.[2]
  • During the aftermath The Club suppressed as much information about the Thargoids as possible to the point of it becoming a myth among the public.[1]


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