Interstellar Factors Contact

The SIN broker is a new contact at Starport Services in low security systems. The SIN broker will let you pay off fines, claim bounties and hand in combat bonds that relate to any systems and jurisdictions, not just the system you’re in. This will save your time, as you won’t have to go back to the original systems to pay off fines or claim bounties. However, it comes at a cost – there will be a fixed percentage increase on the fines, and a fixed decrease on the bounty and combat claims.

— Gamescon 2016 Day Three Summary

Tip to find an Interstellar Factor Edit

Interstellar factors only appear in systems with a low security rating. To find them, open the galaxy map. Be sure that your galaxy map view configuration is set as "map" and NOT "realistic." These filters will not appear if you use realistic mode. Now set the filter to "Security" and only keep "Low" security. Then move the minimal population counter up a bit to remove stars that do not have a starport. The remaining systems should have an Interstellar Factor.

Alternative method:

In the galaxy map (not realistic) choose "Services / Interstellar Factors", and you can then see all the systems with Interstellar Factors marked with a green spot.

These are upcoming changes with Elite Dangerous: Beyond.

  • Bounties can be cleared by Interstellar Factors when your Notoriety is 0[1]
  • Claimed bounties for the jurisdiction you died in must be paid when you re-spawn at detention centers. These changes aim to simplify crimes. You will now have more control over your criminal status risk and reward. You can store a ship with bounties on (a hot ship), hiding your criminality, but at the cost of not using the ship. Bounties are now more significant as you must use Interstellar Factors to clear them, which can be expensive.[1]
  • Any Notoriety means the interstellar factors cannot clear your fines or bounties.[1]
  • Hot ships can be cleaned using Interstellar Factors, at a cost.[1]
  • Fines prevent access to all services except missions in progress, security contact, Interstellar Factors and black markets.[1]
  • Bounties prevent access to all services except missions in progress, Interstellar Factors and black markets.[1]

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