Isaac Gellan
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AllegianceFederation vector Federation
OccupationFormer President of the Federation

Isaac Gellan served as the President of the Federation from 2862 to 2866.[1]

Within months of President Gellan's election to office, agents of his administration were sent to the Ackwada system to repay substantial unofficial and illegal loans that had been made to Gellan's presidential campaign. The main creditor was the Rockforth Corporation, who refused a negotiated settlement and held out for the deal agreed during the election race. In 2864, Gellan and his advisers apparently ended negotiations because, instead of agreeing to the terms, the Federal navy was mobilised to invade Ackwada on an unrelated pretext.[2]

In 2865, the Rockforth Corporation sent a request to Emperor Trasken Duval III seeking the Empire's assistance against the Federation. Having been promised a substantial financial reward, Trasken III assembled a battlegroup led by Samuel Lanner, an independent trader and privateer. The conflict was limited, and the Federation eventually withdrew to Laveack. The Rockforth Corporation paid Trasken III as promised and hired Lanner's privateers to provide security for Ackwada.[3]

In 2866, Gellan lost his mid-term vote of no confidence. In what became known as the Gellan Scandal, the extent of his corruption and corporate connections were brought to light shortly afterwards. The revelations also brought down a number of Congressmen, and exposed a seedy sub-culture of corporate entertainment and abuse of Federal power on a massive scale. No one on the corporate side of the scandal was ever prosecuted, but a period of scrutiny followed and most corporations wisely backed away from interference with Federal politics for several years.[4]

In 2872, now out of Federal prison and with the numerous enquiries that followed the incidents over, Gellan, still a wealthy man, attempted to resolve the matter with the Rockforth Corporation, this time using a mercenary fleet. However, the Rockforth corporation had kept Samuel Lanner on retainer and Lanner's forces were modern and well-equipped. Using Anaconda transports and Cobra Mark I's, Lanner was able to outmanoeuver Gellan's battle group, forcing another retreat. This second humiliating defeat cost Gellan dearly.[5]

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