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Jaques is a cyborg bartender and the owner of Jaques Station.


Jaques the cyborg barman in Frontier-stories-3a

Jaques had been running the bar of a Coriolis station since at least 3200, by which time he had also secured ownership of half of it. Jaques' dream was to buy out the rest of the station, attach engines to it, and use it to explore the galaxy. Over a century later, Jaques had made his dream a reality, despite some delays; he had to exchange his Coriolis station for a more resilient Orbis.[1]

After venturing to several systems near the human bubble, Jaques attempted to jump his station to Beagle Point, but was unsuccessful due to Unknown Artefact interference with the station's drives. This resulted in Jaques and Jaques Station becoming stranded in Colonia, where they are presently located.


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