Jaques Quinentian Still
ClassificationRare Commodity
TypeConsumer Items
Galactic Average Price13,846 CR
Rare allocation27 t
Produced by---
Consumed by---
LocationJaques Station, Colonia

A pocket sized one shot distillery, hand crafted by the legendary Cyborg bartender Jaques. This device is capable of turning almost any combination of liquids into 10ml of highly concentrated alcohol in just 3 minutes.

— In-Game Description

Jaques Quinentian Still is a rare commodity belonging to the Consumer Items. It is also the rare good buyable furthest from the core systems by far.

Due to the price increase by distance for all rare commodities being capped at about 160Ly, the closest station to sell it at maximum profit is Polo Harbour 4800Ly away.


  • The purchase location, Jaques Station, moves throughout the galaxy. It currently resides in the Colonia system, which is 22,000 light-years from Sol, after a failed attempt to jump to Beagle Point.
  • In 2.1, Jaques station was known as 80 DD-D 774-CE-2. It was renamed in 2.2.

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