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Jaques Station is a station currently located in the Colonia system. Owned by the eccentric Jaques, it is unique among stations in that it is equipped with engines and is capable of traveling to different systems; all other stations, with the exception of those undergoing construction, are permanently stationary.

Lore Edit

Jaques is a barman, a property owner and a cyborg. Back in the year 3200, Jaques had been running the same bar in the same starport for an inhumanly long period of time. His tale was recounted in the “Stories of Life on the Frontier” booklet included with 1993’s Frontier: Elite II, wherein we learn Jaques owns half the starport and plans on taking it on a voyage across the galaxy just as soon as he buys the rest.[1]

"I guess it will take me about another fifty years to buy up the rest of this place and another ten to fit it out with enough drive engines. I think I'll do what Augustus Brenquith did and fly off into the unknown and explore new systems. But I like people as well, so in sixty or so years time there will be an invitation going out: anyone who wants to come along can join me on a long trip.”

22 years after David Massey wrote the short story “All That Glisters...” in Stories of Life on the Frontier, Jaques is doing just that. It took a little longer than expected (the old Coriolis Station wasn’t robust enough to take the drives he wanted…) but he got there in the end. You’re welcome to join him for the ride next week.

Jaques Station is a custom mobile Orbis starport you’ll find in Elite: Dangerous 1.1. Modified to support drives, Jaques Station will jump to a new system from time to time as Jaques sets off on his course away from human space. His roaming starport will make a useful base for explorers, but if you're docked when he jumps you'll be taken with him.

Jaques Station will also sell a special and rare trade good, so check the markets if you can catch him. GalNet will be updated with news of the starport’s route next week, and will continue to keep track of his movements as Jaques journeys across the galaxy.


System Duration of Stay Notes
Facece N/A Jaques Station's origin system[2][3]
HIP 110620 February 12, 3301 - February 19, 3301 [4]
HIP 110079 February 19, 3301 - Unknown [5]
Gliese 1269 Unknown - May 19, 3302 [6][7]
Colonia May 19, 3302 - Present Jaques Station's current location[8][9][10][11][12][13]

Trivia Edit

  • Jaques Station's jump from Gliese 1269 to Colonia covered a distance of 21,890.11 ly, which is the longest single recorded jump made by a human vessel in Elite Dangerous.

Videos Edit


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